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Toronto Catholic District School Board


Helping Your Child Learn and Love Mathematics
Parents, school and the local community have the shared task of nurturing our students' confidence in learning mathematics and in applying their mathematical knowledge to solve real-life problems.  The disposition of appreciating and enjoying mathematics is necesary for our students to persevere in learning mathematics with depth and precision and to continuously improve the clarity of their mathematical communication.  It is common knowledge that parent's/guardian's attitudes toward mathematics has an impact on children's attitudes towards mathematics. In fact, students whose parents/guardians show an interest in and enthusiasm for mathematics around the home will be more likely to develop that enthusiasm themselves and persevere to learn and succeed in Mathematics.

Participate in your child's learning of mathematics by:
  • demonstrating a positive attitude towards mathematics learning
  • expecting your child to do and solve mathematical activities and problems
  • encouraging your child to persevere when the mathematical work becomes difficult
  • appreciating different ways to calculate and solve math problems 
  • listening carefully to your child's explanation of a solution to a lesson problem
  • estimate and count everything and anything in different ways (forwards, backwards, by 2s, 5s, 10s, 100s)
  • playing board and card games
  • solving jigsaw puzzles, number puzzles and logic puzzles
  • building models with different materials (e.g., legoTM, stacking blocks, rolled newspaper tubes, popsicle sticks)
  • involving your child in household activities that involve math. (e.g. measuring in the kitchen, making patterns in the garden)
  • looking for and describing mathematics in  the books you read with your child. (e.g. find patterns, count objects, find shapes, identify probability 
  • support homework completion by being a co-learner and providing encouragement to persevere to think mathematically

Monthly thinkMATH@home Posters
January 2014 - Mental Math Addition thinkMath@home poster 011314 V2.pdfthinkMath@home poster 011314 V2.pdf
March 2014 - Mental Math Addition and Equivalence - in development

Resources for Mathematics Learning

About Ontario Mathematics Education 
Ministry of Education Parent Publications (from the Ontario Ministry of Education)

Illuminations (National Council for Teachers of Mathematics)
Nelson Mathematics - Student and Parent Centres (Grades 3 to 6)

Family Math

Games, Problems and Puzzles

Math Dictionaries

Math History

Math References
(To register for the site, students will need their OEN number to register. This number is different from their student number, and can be obtained from their school. The OEN is also located on each students report card.)

Math Wonders

To continuously improve TCDSB family math resources, please send your comments and/or suggestions to:
kathryn.kubota-zarivnij (Program Coordinator for Mathematics K to 12)