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Toronto Catholic District School Board

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About Us

The MPSJ Robotics Team started in 2006. Since then, we have competed in two different competitions and are preparing for our third.
Competition                                              Year
Fitrst Robotics Competition                               2007
Ontario Technological Skills Competition            2009
Ontario Technological Skills Competition            2010
Matthew DiNardo, Kasper Domanski, Robert Gawdzik, Mathew Hiew, Mark Laszutko, Chris Menezes, Jashua Netterfeild, Abrham Ogbaslase, Kieran Rodrigue, Joshua Silvera, Alex Sokhetsky, Pavlo Sybydlo, Frank Vumbaca
James Anthony, Jake Fear, Carlo Giorelli, Mark Laszutko, Jashua Netterfeild, Abrham Ogbaslase, Brad Paris, Steven Pasqualoni, Pratyush Sarkar, Tai Chung Yip

Geoffrey Blasutti, Mathew Hiew, Chris Menezes, Pratyush Sarkar, Joshua Silvera, Alex Sokhetsky,
Thomas Yoon


Geoffrey Blasutti, Mathew Hiew, Chris Menezes, Pratyush Sarkar, Joshua Silvera, Frank Vambaca,
Thomas Yoon 


Jashua Netterfeild, Brad Paris, Kieran Rodrigue, Pratyush Sarkar, Pavlo Sybydlo, Frank Vambaca,Thomas Yoon 


James Anthony, Matthew DiNardo, Jake Fear, Brad Paris, Steven Pasqualoni, Alex Sokhetsky,
Frank Vambaca, Tai Chung Yip