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Current Initiatives
Energy Stewardship Program

The TCDSB is trying to build a culture of Energy Conservation. One small part is a new program which assists schools in monitoring their energy usage, and validating any conservation efforts that they implement.

  • This includes auditing the school for energy usage, and analyzing where energy can be saved.
  • Monitoring the hydro meter and tracking the consumption.
  • Implementing an energy conservation plan to assist in reducing the schools consumption.
  • Tracking the energy and dollar savings that the initiatives have created.
Relaunch Recycling

The TCDSB is affirming its commitment to waste diversion by inaugurating a new recycling initiative at its head office, the Catholic Education Centre.
  • All disposable dishware in the building will be replaced with reusable ceramic dishes.
  • Individuals choosing to purchase beverages in a disposal containers will be charged a premium
  • Each employee will be provided with both a garbage and recycling receptacle, in an effort to increase capture rates.
  • A minimum of bi-annual waste audits will take place at the CEC to determine the effectiveness of new waste diversion initiatives
  • Reusable Travel Mugs and Water Bottles will be available to staff at a discount to discourage the use of disposable water containers and coffee cups.

PLEASE NOTE: The City of Toronto has gone to a single-stream recycling system – all recyclables (paper, plastic, aluminium, glass, cardboard, etc.) may go into the same recycling bin.
The Energy Drill Program

The TCDSB is the lead board on this pilot project which is funded by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). Four TCDSB schools (Chaminade, Cardinal Leger, St. Raphael and Mary Ward) were selected to participate in this energy conservation project. 

The concept is to act like a fire drill whenever there is a day of high energy demand in the province. The selected schools will have an Energy Drill team of students, teachers and the caretaker, who will be advised that a particular day is a drill day. This could be triggered by extreme hot or cold temperatures, smog advisories or a high electricity demand day. The team will jump into action and reduce the schools energy consumption. These measures will be predetermined. 

The message is that the staff and students are aware that there is an energy problem, and are making the effort to reduce the demand. The environmental and economic benefits are substantial, and will hopefully facilitate a cultural change within the schools towards a more energy conscientious school community.
Ideally this project will be rolled out to other schools in future years.
Waste Auditing

The TCDSB, in an effort to fully understand their ecological footprint, and in compliance with current provincial legislation, is designing a comprehensive waste auditing process.
  • Currently, we are piloting various auditing techniques in elementary and secondary school environments, as well as at administrative centres.
  • Our goal is to create a self-sustaining system which maximizes student involvement, and provides exceptional waste reduction opportunities