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Multi-Year Strategic Plan 2016 - 2021

The Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP) provides structure and strategy for ongoing improvement across the school board. Our 2016-2021 MYSP for the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) renews the Board's commitment to support all students, staff and families. It reflects our shared Catholic values, and was developed collaboratively, with feedback from the community.

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Our Catholic Values​

The development of the 2016-2021 MYSP was a collaborative effort, with feedback solicited from the wider TCDSB community in order to ensure the plan would reflect the Board's Catholic values, as well as our mission and vision.

Our Strategic Direction​

The strategic direction​ for the 2016-2021 Multi-Year Strategic Plan is composed of six pillars.





Living Our Catholic Values

To understand and apply Catholic Teach​ings to all that we do:

  • Students will be instructed in a curriculum that is rooted in Gospel values and informed by the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations;
  • Staff and Trustees will participate in ongoing faith development through liturgical celebrations and opportunities for spiritual retreats;
  • Parents will be supported in their integral role of nurturing the relationship between home, school and parish;
  • Senior Team and Trustees will develop decision-making processes and ensure setting policy priorities that reflect Catholic social values (e.g., stewardship of God’s creation, option for the poor and vulnerable etc.)



Fostering Student Achievement and Well Being

To support our students in achieving academic excellence and meeting the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations:

  • Students will meet or exceed the provincial average in literacy and numeracy as measured in Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) assessments;
  • Students will exceed the provincial average in credit accumulation and graduation rate;
  • Staff will implement effective assessment practices (for/as learning) that incorporate learning goals, co-created success criteria and provide descriptive feedback to support student learning;
  • Staff will share assessment practices with parents to ensure parent engagement with a common understanding of assessment for/as learning.

To support our students’ ability to apply critical and innovative thinking in all subjects we will:

  • Use evidence-based teaching and learning strategies to provide students opportunities to become discerning believers, effective communicators, reflective thinkers, self-directed learners, collaborative contributors, caring family members and responsible citizens;
  • Use differentiated instruction to ensure that individual learning needs are accommodated and to engage students fully in their learning;
  • Support investments in technology that continue to foster digital literacy, creativity, innovation and collaboration.

To create welcoming, healthy and equitable learning environments for all students:

  • Provide all students with equitable access to learning and technology and strive to close the opportunity gap so that the most vulnerable students achieve their full potential;
  • Strive to ensure that the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of all students are met;
  • Strive to ensure that all students are eating nutritionally and are physically fit; Provide all students with safe, healthy learning environments by promoting a positive school climate, inclusive and accepting of all pupils, and by promoting the prevention of bullying.



Enhancing Public Confidence

To create enhanced, regular communication with all stakeholders we will:

  • Improve communication and consultation, that reflect the mission, vision and values of the board, with our stakeholders;
  • Ensure timely and sensitive responses to stakeholder questions and concerns.
  • Create opportunities for meaningful dialogue, feedback and input from the community;
  • Build and maintain community partnerships;
  • To ensure accountability, fairness and transparency to the public in all processes and policies;
  • Strive to ensure equitable treatment of all stakeholders.



Providing Stewardship of Resources

To establish integrated decision-making structures and processes to support responsive and responsible allocation of resources we will:

  • Ensure all students have the appropriate resources they need to support their learning within the available budget;
  • Increase the use of research and evidence to guide decisions and actions in teaching, administration and governance.

To ensure fiscal responsibility at all levels of the organization we will:

  • Establish informed, accountable and ethical decision-making for policy development and resource management;
  • Align operational and capital budgets with the Multi-Year Strategic Plan;
  • Maintain a sustainable balanced budget that reflects ecological justice principles;
  • Ensure regular financial analysis of the Board’s operating revenues and costs in comparison to the Board’s operating budget;
  • Publicly report financial updates on a quarterly basis, as well as the Annual Financial Year-End Report.



Achieving Excellence in Governance

To lead and model best practices in Board governance we will:

  • Build trustees’, senior staffs’ and students’ capacity for governance;
  • Provide professional learning to strengthen leadership, accountability and transparency at all levels;
  • Regularly review board meetings and committee meetings for the purpose of continually improving evidence-based decision making and accountability;
  • Develop appropriate managerial and trustee governance oversight to carry out the annual plan in a fiscally responsible and transparent process.



Inspiring and Motivating Employees

To create a learning and work environment that is equitable and diverse, and that supports professional learning, innovation and collaboration we will:

  • Create a culture of respect and professionalism that recognizes and supports excellence and innovation at all levels of the organization;
  • Ensure ongoing leadership development grounded in the Catholic Leadership Framework for superintendents, principals, vice-principals, business management staff and aspiring leaders;
  • Ensure effective succession planning strategies are in place for recruiting, selecting, cultivating, empowering and retaining leaders;
  • Ensure that staff recruitment and promotion processes are transparent, inclusive, and reflect the mission, vision and values of the board;
  • Recognize excellence and support professional growth through performance appraisal, mentorship and other system strategies;
  • Work collaboratively and proactively with unions and associations to continue to build positive relationships of trust and mutual respect.
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