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Multi-Year Strategic Plan Report Card 2014

The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) released its first ever report card on the 2012-2015 Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP). Thank you to all the members of the TCDSB community who participated in the consultation and feedback process. The full report can be accessed below.

The goals of the 2012-2015 MSYP plan reflected the input we received from across our community, and focused on student achievement and well-being, our Catholic values, and good governance. As we conclude this strategic planning cycle, and begin the process of renewing laying the groundwork for the next few years, it is important for us to assess how successful we were with the implementation of our current plan, and explore areas for continued growth and improvement.

Community Feedback

We are pleased to report that 18,722 parents/guardians and 1,062 staff took the opportunity to complete the report card on the 2012-2015 MYSP, as did 65 students through Town Halls specifically organized to solicit their views.

Overall, parents/guardians, students and staff affirmed the Board’s implementation of the MYSP. For most items of the Report Card, over 60 percent of parents and staff ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ that the Board is delivering on the MYSP’s six strategic directions. Areas of particular strength, with over 95% agreement, were in the critical areas of Living Our Values and in creating a safe and welcoming learning environment for our students.

Suggestions for Improvement

Suggested areas of improvement include:

      • The need to continue developing the home, school, parish connection and on ensuring that TCDSB mission and vision are reflected in decision making.
      • Great use of email as a primary means of communicating to parents was endorsed by students.
      • Increased student access to appropriate technology to support their learning, and emphasis on the training that is necessary to complement the provision of such resources.
      • Encouraging innovation in the classroom.
      • Further enrichment of communications regarding central and corporate decision-making and the budget consultation process.

Moving Forward

This community-wide input was invaluable during the Board of Trustees recent deliberations on next year’s budget, and as Board Staff continue to work on achieving the key goals articulated in the MYSP. A summary report, being prepared for September 2014, synthesizes the input received from our community as well as the evidence from our system, and will provide important input to the development of our next MYSP.

We appreciate your thoughtful comments and suggestions – they reinforce our continued focus on student achievement and well-being, as well as ensuring that we’re meeting our central commitment to living our Catholic faith.