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Toronto Catholic District School Board

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Play It Forward is an initiative in the TCDSB Year of the Family which demonstrates our Faith in Action Through Innovation TCDSB schools will participate in the program throughout the 2015/16 school year, by taking on a charitable cause/initiative in their own school community and then share their experience with their partner school in a videoconference dialogue online.  


The Latest News


Spring Celebration

Monday May 9, 2016

Catholic Education Centre

You can view highlights from Play It Forward Spring Celebration


Monsignor Doyle Catholic School chat
with Michael Power/St. Joseph students in the TCDSB


On Thursday May 5th, students from Monsignor Doyle Catholic School of the WCDSB chatted with Gr. 12 students from Michael Power/St. Joseph in the TCDSB.
The discussion focused on the use of social media and the positive and negative experiences students have had. Students shared how living the virtues in a virtual world are important after viewing a short video on cyber bullying.
This online chat during Catholic Education Week demonstrated that living our faith is important this week and the days after. This was the final online chat between schools, as all seven schools involved in Play It Forward will meet in person Monday May 9th, 2016 at the Catholic Education Centre. Over 100 students are expected to attend for mass and lunch together.
On Monday two major announcements regarding Play It Forward are expected, expanding the TCDSB family.
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 St. Anselm and St. Sebastian Students Discuss Issues in Social Justice


On Wednesday April 27th, students from St. Anselm and St. Sebastian continued the online conversation discussing issues in social justice, as well as how each of their schools demonstrates the virtues of the month.
The students then spoke about how much they are looking forward to meeting their online friends in person at the Catholic Education Centre on May 9th 2016. This was the final elementary chat before the Play It Forward Spring Celebration.
On May 5th students from Michael Power/St. Joseph are scheduled to chat with Monsignor Doyle Catholic school in Waterloo.


Over 100 students from the TCDSB and WCDSB will participate in the celebration, putting their faith into action and meeting face to face, extending the TCDSB family.
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Secondary Schools Engage in Online Chat About Virtues
On Wednesday April 6th, 2016 students from Madonna C.S.S and Michael Power/St. Joseph continued the conversation as part of Play It Forward.  The groups reconnected with one another, and both watched a short video about Jesus’ grace. The focus of the discussion was on the virtues of forgiveness and justice as we transition from March to April.  Students then shared what they are doing with regards to social justice in their respective community, and explored ideas for improvement moving forward. A surprise visit from Fr. Obinna Ifeanyi in the conversation was exciting for all involved.  The groups left the online chat (using Google Hangouts) to brainstorm more ways in which justice can be achieved in their school. These students, as well as all the other schools involved in the initiative, will meet one another in person on May 9th, in the Catholic Education Centre.  The conversation will come to life, as they continue to live a virtuous life both inside, and outside the virtual world.   

View of students from computer camera
Students sitting around computer

On Wednesday March 9th, 2016 as part of the TCDSB initiative, Play It Forward, a group of students from Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School from the Waterloo Catholic District School Board, connected via Google Hangouts with Toronto Catholic District School Board students from St. John Paul II Catholic Secondary School. 
These students engaged in an online conversation where they learned about one another through an engaging discussion that allowed them to share experiences from their own school communties, and to talk about their hobbies and interests as well.  They discussed family, theological virtues, and how these are demonstrated in each respective school community. Students discovered how much they had in common despite regional differences between Toronto and the Cambridge area. 
To close the online chat, students from Waterloo lead the entire group with prayer.  Finally, as a surprise, students from Msr. Doyle C.C.S sang Happy Birthday to St. JPII student, Brandon. 
The two schools are looking forward to their next online chat before meeting in person, to celebrate Mass, and break bread on Monday May 9th, 2016.  These groups are playing it forward, and living their Catholic values, extending our TCDSB family in the first year of the three year pastoral plan of Family, Parish and School.


On February 18th 2016 students from Fr. Serra and St. Anselm continued the conversation with Play It Forward. Students in this online chat focused on how their school demonstrates the virtues of the month. Students from St. Anselm shared how they forgive one another, and Fr. Serra Gr. 8s discussed showing compassion by helping primary students in a number of ways. Being the TCDSB Year of the Family, students then shared their ideas of family, and what they did on family day weekend. Skating trips, dinner, and a trip to Florida were just some of the special moments shared.  


Monsignor Doyle Catholic School of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board and St. John Paul II will virtually meet March 9th 2016.  
Madonna C.S.S and Michael Power/St. Joseph will dialogue online once again in late March. 
All schools involved will continue this dialogue, before meeting their online friends May 9th at the first ever Play It Forward Spring Celebration at the Catholic Education Centre in Toronto. 


TCDSB is Family, and Play It Forward has extended our family by living our virtues in a virtual world!


Play It Forward Expands
Waterloo Catholic Joins the Conversation
This Spring, Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School from Waterloo Catholic District School Board and St. John Paul II from the TCDSB will be chatting online discussing their faith using Google Hangouts. This partnership is part of an exciting new initiative exclusive to the TCDSB and nowWCDSB, titled Play It Forward. 
Play It Forward is already happening between five schools--both elementary and secondary--in the TCDSB. 
On May 9th, 2016 all schools involved in these online dialogues will be invited along with their families to celebrate mass at the Catholic Education Centre at the TCDSB. 

Playing Back the Year:

The First Conversations Begin 
On December, 7th, 2015, Gr. 8 student leaders from Fr. Serra, grade 4/5 students from St. Anselm, and grade 3-8 students from St. Sebastian participated in the first of three online conversations as part of the TCDSB Play It Forward initiative.  Using Google Hangouts all three groups met each other online.   In the Year of the Family, these TCDSB students engaged in meaningful dialogue, introducing themselves, what family means to them, and what virtues they are going to demonstrate while helping families in need this year.  The students will be meeting again in January and March, with evidence of their work, and sharing their findings.  Finally, all involved will have the opportunity to meet one another in person in May as they and their families will be invited to the Catholic Education Centre for mass.  Secondary students from Madonna and Michael Power/St. Joseph’s will be having their first Play It Forward online chat in the New Year. 


High Schools Begin Their Online Connections


On January 14th, 2016 students from Madonna C.S.S and Michael Power/St. Joseph's engaged in their first online discussion as part of Play It Forward.

Using Google Hangouts, and led by teachers, Daniel Pupulin and Catena Manco, both groups introduced themselves, shared their hobbies, and interests and what they have been doing thus far in the TCDSB Year of the Family.

Madonna has been working towards an exciting "Non Profit SHSM Program" and Michael Power/St. Joseph's students assisted over 90 families as part of their annual "Power Up Food Drive".

The groups will be reflecting on their online session and meeting virtually in March. The objective of Chat #2 is to provide examples of how each school demonstrates the Virtues of the Month and Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations.

All students are excited to meet each other May 9th in person at the CEC when Play It Forward celebrates our virtues in a virtual world!


 MPSJ students chat online with Madonna.JPG

Madonna students chat online with MPSJ students.jpeg

Check out photos from the elementary schools piloting Play it Forward


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