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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Year of the School: Our TCDSB Story

As we plan for the final year of our three-year pastoral plan, the Year of the School, we celebrate the Family, Parish and School working together for students in our Catholic schools.
Schools are invited to create a tessellating piece to illustrate their unique story as a Catholic education community, and how each school fits together in the larger TCDSB story.
Detailed information about the tessellation project is provided in the following document. As you create your pieces of artwork, and consider “your story”, you are also invited to capture the production of the tessellation pieces through video (see further information on page 3). The individual pieces and videos will be showcased on the board’s website, and the completed tessellation and compilation video will be showcased at a board wide celebration in May 2018 during Catholic Education Week as our Year of the School draws to a close.
Click here to download the Tessellation Project Resource Package.
We can’t wait to see your contribution and hear your story!



Part One (February 2017)

Each Elementary and Secondary school will be provided this package to initiate the tessellating artwork:
1)      Information regarding this project
2)      Information regarding tessellations
3)      Template of tessellating tile (to be printed and distributed at your school)
Activity:           each member of the school is asked to create an artwork based on either the Family, the Parish or the School, as per the Pastoral Plan.
Once the works have been completed, they are to be connected and displayed as a tapestry of the school community.
We encourage the works to be displayed at the entrance of your school to welcome people to your community.
Expected Delivery of materials: February 2017

Part Two (February 2017)

Each elementary and secondary school will be provided with a pre-cut panel to create the artwork:
1)      Each tessellating panel is 60cm x 60cm, ¾” Ultracore, primed white
Activity:           determining the image to represent your school’s theme will be an opportunity for creativity; you may have a competition to determine the winning image, or have a committee of people create the work.
*The themes to be implemented are the Pastoral Plan (Families, Parishes, and Schools) and Canada 150 (identity, nationhood, reconciliation, exploration, the natural landscape, among others). 
                        It will take a considerable amount of time to achieve the goal; please plan accordingly.
Expected Delivery of materials: February 2017

Part Three (February through to June, 2017)

The Artwork created will be delivered to the
South Office / St. Alphonsus
ATTN: Carmelo Cucchi, Arts Resource
Works will be displayed at a number of places and events in various formations.
Completed works to be delivered via to the South Office by June 02, 2017
Works may be delivered via TCDSB Courier (in the delivery box with label included), or by your selected means of delivery.

Part Four (Ongoing February through to June 2017)

Documenting Your Story

As soon as you receive your tessellating piece, we invite you to start the planning and discussion, and to begin documenting the process.
Consider photographing or videotaping some of the conversations, the preliminary sketching, and the work that is being done on the finished tessellating panel. Interview your project leader if there is one—or have students talk about the story that is being told through the artwork.
Themes to consider:
·         The story of your school’s name
·         The school’s relationship with the founding religious order
·         Celebrating your uniqueness as an arts school, a French Immersion school, IB site, single gender school etc.
·         Highlighting on acts of charity, student leadership, partnership with your parish, community service and social justice activities
·         The history of the school
·         Diversity -- highlighting the many faces or people in your community who make it so wonderful.
The overarching themes are Family, Parish and School and Canada’s 150th anniversary.
You may choose to do a traditional video with either voice-over or interviews, or you may prefer to create a video using still images of your project at various stages, using text overlays to explain the thought process and theme of your artwork. Use stop start motion filming, powerpoint slides.
The hope would be to post a photograph of your completed slide, along with the accompanying video story to the Board’s website.
Your finished video should be no more than 2-3 minutes in length.
Please ensure that you have signed permission forms on file for all students participating in the project. Parental permission is needed for the use of personal information which includes photos and video footage of students in action as well as those who may be interviewed or doing the voice overs.
A compilation of the submitted videos will be created, and this video will be showcased, along with the completed tessellation project at our annual celebration during Catholic Education Week 2018.
Completed videos/slideshows should be sent to the Communications Department at by the end of June 2017. For larger files, you may want to upload them to youtube and send the link, or use Google docs.
There is a Google share drive that has been created.  The following link allows anyone with the link and with any type of Google account (TCDSB or Personal) to upload files (or delete any files already uploaded) to the share folder.
2)      Log in with any Google account (TCDSB or personal).
3)      Create a new folder (Click on the New button > Folder menu option) with your school name

Type in your school name and press the Create button
4)      Open the Folder by double clicking it
5)      Click the New (button) > File Upload (menu option)
6)      Browse for all files to be uploaded (Video, Media Release Forms, associated files), either one file at a time or by selecting multiple files/folders, and press the Open button
7)      Files will begin uploading (based on the speed of your internet connection)
8)      Send an email to to let us know your file is uploaded
9)      Note:
a.       Folders & Files will be removed from share as they are processed.
b.      If you need to modify any of your files or add additional, please repeat Steps 1-8 if your folder is not in the Parish Project Share folder
c.       Please take care and do not delete any other school’s content