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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Spotlight on Your School

2017-2018 is The Year of the School

A year to celebrate our Catholic Schools, and the shared commitment of our Families,
Parishes and Schools to Catholic education.
This is the year to share your ideas about your own school community.

Deadline for submissions extended to Wednesday, February 28, 2018.


We invite you to put the Spotlight on Your School!

Through video or song, shine the light on the best that your school has to offer.
Who are the people who make it special?
  • Parent volunteers
  • Priests and others from the parish community
  • Dedicated teachers
  • Talented and enthusiastic students

Consider creating a school song or a 30-second video clip that celebrates your school.

  • Celebrate Your Diversity
  • Celebrate Excellence
  • Celebrate Your Faith
  • Celebrate Your School
Use the hashtag #ShineOnTCDSB!

How to Submit Your Completed Video or Music Project 

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with any Google account (TCDSB or personal).
  3. Create a new folder (Click on the New button > Folder menu option) with your school name
  4. Type in your school name and press the Create button
  5.  Open the Folder by double clicking it
  6. Click the New (button) > File Upload (menu option)
  7. Browse for all files to be uploaded (Video, Media Release Forms, associated files), either one file at a time or by selecting multiple files/folders, and press the Open button
  8. Files will begin uploading (based on the speed of your internet connection)
  9. Send an email to to let us know your file is uploaded
  10. Note:
  11. Folders & Files will be removed from share as they are processed.
  12. If you need to modify any of your files or add additional, please repeat Steps 1-8 if your folder is not in the Parish Project Share folder
  13. Please take care and do not delete any other school’s content