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We Belong To God

Song for the TCDSB Pastoral Plan 2018-2021

Rooted In Christ: we Belong, we Believe, we Become

We belong to God, we belong to one another;
we believe in Christ, our Saviour and our Brother;
and we pray we become all you call us to be—
born of the Spirit, holy and free.
Verse 1
Rooted in Christ, each of us sisters and brothers;
each of us bound to the other, by the Spirit of God.
Planted by streams of fresh and living water,
rejoicing as sons and daughters,
we proclaim the reign of God. (Chorus)
Verse 2
Rooted in Christ, abounding in thanksgiving,
we will continue living in the light of the Lord.
As we were taught from the very beginning,
the great gift of love we’ve been given
is a gift we all must share. (Chorus)
Words and Music by Susan HooKong-Taylor
©2018 Shue Be Dhoo Music
All Rights reserved.  Used with permission.


Final recordings of We Belong to God song.


View a live May 9, 2018 performance.