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Senior Leadership Team

Meet the Senior Leadership Team of the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

Brendan Browne picture Adrian Della Mora picture Derek Boyce picture
✉ Brendan Browne ✉ Adrian Della Mora ✉ Derek Boyce
Director of Education Associate Director of Academic Affairs and Chief Operating Officer Associate Director of Facilities, Business and Community Development​

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Peter Aguiar picture Adalgisio (Joe) Bria picture Michael Caccamo picture
✉ Peter Aguiar ✉ Adalgisio (Joe) Bria ✉ Michael Caccamo
Superintendent of Education (Area 7​) Superintendent of Education (Area 2) Superintendent of Nurturing Our Catholic Community / Safe Schools / ​Continuing Education

Steve Camacho picture Shawna Campbell picture Derek Chen picture
✉ Steve Camacho ✉ Shawna Campbell ✉ Derek Chen
Executive Superintendent, Technology, Data and Strategic Transformation Executive Superintendent, Field Services​ | Superintendent of Education (Area 3) Superintendent of Equity, Indigenous Education and Community Relations

​​Flora Cifelli picture Lynda Coulter picture George Danfulani picture
✉ ​​Flora Cifelli ✉ Lynda Coulter ✉ George Danfulani
Superintendent of Education (Area 1) Executive Superintendent, Human Resources, Employee Relations, Leadership and Equity Superintendent of Education (Area 4)

Lori DiMarco picture Kimberly Dixon picture Martin Farrell picture
✉ Lori DiMarco ✉ Kimberly Dixon ✉ Martin Farrell
Superintendent of Curriculum Leadership and Innovation Superintendent of Education (Area 6) Superintendent of Environmental Support Services

Cristina Fernandes picture Lavinia Latham picture ​​​​Michael Loberto picture
✉ Cristina Fernandes ✉ Lavinia Latham ✉ ​​​​Michael Loberto
Executive Superintendent, Student Achievement, Innovation and Well-Being Human Rights and Equity Advisor Superintendent of Planning and Development Services

Paul Matthews picture ​​Maria Meehan picture Ryan Peterson picture
✉ Paul Matthews ✉ ​​Maria Meehan ✉ Ryan Peterson
Legal Counsel Superintendent of Special Services (Special Education, Mental Health and Well-Being) Superintendent of Education (Area 8)

Ryan Putnam picture Shazia Vlahos picture John Wujek picture
✉ Ryan Putnam ✉ Shazia Vlahos ✉ John Wujek
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer Chief of Communications and Government Relations Superintendent of Education (Area 5​)

Milka Zlomislic picture
✉ Milka Zlomislic
Superintendent of Capital Development and Asset Renewal

Public Staff Directory

Publicly available staff contact information can be accessed through the Staff Directory.