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The Law​


Asbestos Records And Annual Inspection ​Reports


  Annunciation Final Report (299).pdf

  Archbishop Romero Final Report (555).pdf

  Bishop Allen Academy Final Report (549).pdf

  Bishop Marrocco Final Report (545).pdf

  Blessed Cardinal Newman Final Report (519).pdf

  Blessed John XXIII Final Report (348).pdf

  Blessed Margherita of Citta di Castello Final Report (409).pdf

  Blessed Pope John Paul II Final Report (531).pdf

  Blessed Sacrament Final Report (226) - 2011.pdf

  Blessed Trinity Final Report (289).pdf

  Canadian Martyrs Final Report (251).pdf

  Catholic Education Centre Final Report (407).pdf

  Chaminade College Final Report (509).pdf

  Corpus Christi Final Report (233).pdf

  Dante Alighieri - Beatrice Campus - 2007.pdf

  Dante Alighieri - Beatrice Campus - 2015 Update.pdf

  Dante Alighieri Final Report (522).pdf

  D'Arcy McGee Final Report (318).pdf

  Don Bosco Final Report (525).pdf

  East Facilities - Warehouse - 2017.pdf

  Epiphany of Our Lord Academy Final Report (378).pdf

  Father Henry Carr Final Report (521) - 2012.pdf

  Father Serra Final Report (391).pdf

  Francis Liberman Final Report (524).pdf

  Holy Angels Final Report (329).pdf

  Holy Cross Final Report (242).pdf

  Holy Family Final Report (212).pdf

  Holy Name Final Report (215).pdf

  Holy Redeemer Final Report (353).pdf

  Holy Rosary Final Report (225).pdf

  Holy Spirit Final Report (282).pdf

  Holy Trinity Jr.-St. Josaphat Final Report (266) (fmr. St. Teresa - 110 Tenth St)).pdf

  Holy Trinity Sr. (Christ the King 3672 Lake Shore Blvd) Final Report (257).pdf

  Immaculate Heart of Mary Final Report (272) - 2015.pdf

  James Cardinal McGuigan Final Report (527).pdf

  James Culnan Final Report (325).pdf

  Jean Vanier Final Report (554) - 2011.pdf

  Josyf Cardinal Slipyj Final Report (413).pdf

  Loretto Abbey Final Report (510).pdf

  Loretto Abbey Supplemental Report (510) - 2015.pdf

  Loretto College Final Report (511).pdf

  Madonna Final Report (506).pdf

  Mary Ward LINC ESL Asbestos Survey.pdf

  Michael Power St. Joseph Final Report (529).pdf

  Mother Cabrini Final Report (340).pdf

  Msgr. Fraser College (Annex Campus) (500).pdf

  Msgr. Fraser College (Bathurst Bloor Campus 700 Markham St) Final Report (500).pdf

  Msgr. Fraser College (Isabella Campus) Final Report (533).pdf

  Msgr. Fraser College (Isabella North fmr. Sacre Coeur 25 Linden St.) Final Report - 2013.pdf

  Msgr. Fraser College (Midland Campus) Final Report (532).pdf

  Msgr. Fraser College (Norfinch Campus) Final Report (558).pdf

  Msgr. Fraser College (St. Martin Campus) Final Report (222).pdf

  Msgr. John Corrigan Final Report (399).pdf

  Nativity of Our Lord Final Report (288).pdf

  Neil McNeil Final Report (502).pdf

  Notre Dame High School Final Report (501).pdf

  Our Lady of Grace Final Report (372).pdf

  Our Lady of Guadalupe Final Report (342).pdf

  Our Lady of Mount Carmel Final Report (360).pdf

  Our Lady of Peace Final Report (253).pdf

  Our Lady of Perpetual Help Final Report (239).pdf

  Our Lady of the Assumption Final Report (265).pdf

  Our Lady of Wisdom Final Report (273).pdf

  Pope Francis Final Report (347) (fmr. St. Luke 319 Ossington Ave).pdf

  Pope Paul IV Final Report (374).pdf

  Precious Blood Final Report (258).pdf

  Regina Mundi Final Report (362).pdf

  Santa Maria Final Report (368).pdf

  Senhor Santo Cristo Final Report (367).pdf

  St. Agatha Final Report (302) - 2011.pdf

  St. Agnes Final Report (345).pdf

  St. Aidan Final Report (350).pdf

  St. Albert Final Report (335).pdf

  St. Alphonsus Final Report (326).pdf

  St. Ambrose Final Report (259).pdf

  St. Andrew Final Report (295).pdf

  St. Angela Final Report (361).pdf

  St. Ann Final Report (213).pdf

  St. Anselm Final Report (243).pdf

  St. Antoine Daniel Final Report (339).pdf

  St. Augustine of Cantebury Final Report (328).pdf

  St. Barbara Final Report (274).pdf

  St. Barnabas Final Report (351).pdf

  St. Bartholomew Final Report (334).pdf

  St. Benedict Final Report (267).pdf

  St. Bernadette Final Report (327).pdf

  St. Bernard Final Report (261).pdf

  St. Bonaventure Final Report (263).pdf

  St. Boniface Final Report (277).pdf

  St. Brendan Final Report (359).pdf

  St. Brigid Final Report (235).pdf

  St. Bruno Final Report (376) (402 Melita Cres).pdf

  St. Catherine Final Report (316).pdf

  St. Cecilia Final Report (218).pdf

  St. Charles Final Report (250).pdf

  St. Charles Garnier Final Report (363).pdf

  St. Clare Catholic School Final Report (214).pdf

  St. Clement Final Report (307).pdf

  St. Columba Final Report (380).pdf

  St. Cyril Final Report (270).pdf

  St. David Final Report (238).pdf

  St. Demetrius Final Report (384).pdf

  St. Denis Final Report (310).pdf

  St. Dorothy Final Report (341).pdf

  St. Dunstan Final Report (241).pdf

  St. Edmund Campion Final Report (356).pdf

  St. Elizabeth Final Report (278).pdf

  St. Eugene Final Report (337).pdf

  St. Fidelis Final Report (358).pdf

  St. Florence Final Report (385).pdf

  St. Francis de Sales Final Report (366).pdf

  St. Francis of Asssisi Final Report (206).pdf

  St. Francis Xavier Final Report (271).pdf

  St. Gabriel Final Report (256).pdf

  St. Gabriel Lalemant Final Report (377).pdf

  St. Gasper Final Report (349).pdf

  St. Gerald Final Report (319).pdf

  St. Gerard Majella Final Report (346).pdf

  St. Henry Final Report (395).pdf

  St. Ignatius of Loyola Final Report (365).pdf

  St. Isaac Jogues Final Report (315).pdf

  St. James Final Report (275).pdf

  St. Jane Frances Final Report (296).pdf

  St. Jean De Brebeuf Final Report (394).pdf

  St. Jerome Final Report (294).pdf

  St. Joachim Final Report (292).pdf

  St. John Bosco Final Report (305).pdf

  St. John Final Report (220).pdf

  St. John the Evangelist (fmr. St. Philip Neri) Final Report (254).pdf

  St. John Vianney Final Report (392).pdf

  St. Josaphat Final Report (291) SITE CLOSED.pdf

  St. Joseph Final Report (209) AUGUST 2008.pdf

  St. Joseph's College Final Report (514) - 2017 Update.pdf

  St. Joseph's Morrow Park Final Report (516).pdf

  St. Jude Final Report (279).pdf

  St. Kevin Final Report (300).pdf

  St. Lawrence Final Report (264).pdf

  St. Leo Final Report (333).pdf

  St. Leonard Final Report (323).pdf

  St. Louis Final Report (331).pdf

  St. Luigi Final Report (370).pdf

  St. Malachy Final Report (336).pdf

  St. Marcellus Final Report (311).pdf

  St. Margaret Final Report (249).pdf

  St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Final Report (381).pdf

  St. Martha Final Report (344).pdf

  St. Martin de Porres Final Report (286).pdf

  St. Mary of the Angels Final Report (228).pdf

  St. Mary's Elementary Final Report (205).pdf

  St. Mary's Secondary Final Report (359).pdf

  St. Matthew Final Report (240).pdf

  St. Matthias Final Report (357).pdf

  St. Maurice Final Report (379).pdf

  St. Maximilian Kolbe Final Report (412).pdf

  St. Michael Final Report (387).pdf

  St. Michael's Choir Final Report (518).pdf

  St. Monica Final Report (224).pdf

  St. Nicholas Final Report (308)(BUILDING DEMOLISHED).pdf

  St. Nicholas of Bari Final Report (355).pdf

  St. Norbert Final Report (309).pdf

  St. Paschal Baylon Final Report (283).pdf

  St. Patrick Final Report (546) - 2015.pdf

  St. Paul Final Report (204).pdf

  St. Pius X Final Report (237).pdf

  St. Raphael Final Report (285).pdf

  St. Raymond Final Report (293)(SITE CLOSED).pdf

  St. Rene Goupil Final Report (408).pdf

  St. Richard Final Report (301).pdf

  St. Rita Final Report (216).pdf

  St. Roch Final Report (320).pdf

  St. Rose of Lima Final Report (269).pdf

  St. Sebastian Final Report (354).pdf

  St. Simon Final Report (383).pdf

  St. Stephen Final Report (284).pdf

  St. Sylvester Final Report (373).pdf

  St. Theresa Shrine Final Report (248).pdf

  St. Thomas Aquinas Final Report (236).pdf

  St. Thomas More Final Report (322).pdf

  St. Ursula Final Report (306).pdf

  St. Victor Final Report (338).pdf

  St. Vincent De Paul Final Report (227).pdf

  St. Wilfrid Final Report (313).pdf

  St. William Final Report (303).pdf


  Archbishop Romero.pdf

  Bishop Allen Academy.pdf

  Bishop Marrocco-Thomas Merton.pdf

  Blessed Cardinal Newman.pdf

  Blessed John XXII.pdf

  Blessed Margherita of Citta Castello.pdf

  Blessed Sacrament.pdf

  Blessed Trinity.pdf

  Canadian Martyrs.pdf

  Catholic Education Center.pdf

  Chaminade College.pdf

  Dante Alighieri Academy St Margaret (Beatrice Campus).pdf

  Dante Alighieri Academy.pdf

  D'Arcy McGee.pdf

  East Facilities Services.pdf

  Epiphany of Our Lord.pdf

  Father Henry Carr.pdf

  Father Serra.pdf

  Francis Libermann.pdf

  Holy Angels.pdf

  Holy Cross.pdf

  Holy Family.pdf

  Holy Name.pdf

  Holy Rosary.pdf

  Holy Spirit.pdf

  Immaculate Heart of Mary.pdf

  Loretto Abbey.pdf


  Michael Power St. Joseph.pdf

  Monsignor Fraser - Isabella North.pdf

  Monsignor Fraser College - Annex Campus.pdf

  Monsignor Fraser College - St. Martin.pdf

  Monsignor Fraser College- Isabella Campus.pdf

  Monsignor Fraser College-Midland Campus.pdf

  Monsignor John Corrigan Catholic School.pdf

  Mother Cabrini Catholic School.pdf

  Msgr Fraser (Norfinch).pdf

  Nativity of our Lord Catholic School.pdf

  Neil McNeil.pdf

  Notre Dame.pdf

  Our Lady of Grace.pdf

  Our Lady of Guadalupe.pdf

  Our Lady of Mount Carmel.pdf

  Our Lady of Peace.pdf

  Our Lady of Perpetual Help.pdf

  Our Lady of the Assumption.pdf

  Our Lady of Wisdom.pdf

  Pope Paul VI.pdf

  Precious Blood.pdf

  Regina Mundi.pdf

  Santa Maria.pdf

  St. Agatha.pdf

  St. Agnes.pdf

  St. Aidan.pdf

  St. Albert.pdf

  St. Alphonsus.pdf

  St. Andrew.pdf

  St. Angela.pdf

  St. Anselm.pdf

  St. Antoine Daniel.pdf

  St. Augustine.pdf

  St. Barbara.pdf

  St. Barnabas.pdf

  St. Bartholomew.pdf

  St. Benedict.pdf

  St. Bernard.pdf

  St. Bonaventure.pdf

  St. Boniface.pdf

  St. Brendan.pdf

  St. Brigid.pdf

  St. Bruno.pdf

  St. Catherine.pdf

  St. Cecilia.pdf

  St. Charles Garnier.pdf

  St. Charles.pdf

  St. Clare.pdf

  St. Columba.pdf

  St. Cyril.pdf

  St. Demetrius.pdf

  St. Denis.pdf

  St. Dorothy.pdf

  St. Dunstan.pdf

  St. Edmund Campion.pdf

  St. Elizabeth.pdf

  St. Eugene.pdf

  St. Fidelis.pdf

  St. Florence.pdf

  St. Francis de Sales.pdf

  St. Francis of Assisi.pdf

  St. Francis Xavier.pdf

  St. Gabriel Lalemant.pdf

  St. Gabriel.pdf

  St. Gerald.pdf

  St. Henry.pdf

  St. Ignatius of Loyola.pdf

  St. Isaac Jogues.pdf

  St. James.pdf

  St. Jane Frances.pdf

  St. Jean De Brebeuf.pdf

  St. Jerome.pdf

  St. Joachim.pdf

  St. John Bosco.pdf

  St. John Paul II.pdf

  St. John Vianney.pdf

  St. John.pdf

  St. Joseph Morrow Park.pdf

  St. Joseph.pdf

  St. Josephat Catholic School - Asbestos Update 2018.pdf

  St. Jude.pdf

  St. Kateri Tekakwitha.pdf

  St. Kevin.pdf

  St. Lawrence.pdf

  St. Leo.pdf

  St. Leonard.pdf

  St. Louis.pdf

  St. Luigi.pdf

  St. Malachy.pdf

  St. Marcellus.pdf

  St. Margaret.pdf

  St. Marguerite Bourgeoys.pdf

  St. Martha.pdf

  St. Martin de Porres.pdf

  St. Mary Academy.pdf

  St. Mary of the Angels.pdf

  St. Mary's Elementary.pdf

  St. Matthew.pdf

  St. Matthias.pdf

  St. Maurice.pdf

  St. Maximilian Kolbe.pdf

  St. Michael.pdf

  St. Michael's Choir 67 bond.pdf

  St. Michael's Choir 69 bond.pdf

  St. Michael's Choir.pdf

  St. Monica.pdf

  St. Nicholas of Bari.pdf

  St. Norbert.pdf

  St. Paul.pdf

  St. Pius X.pdf

  St. Raphael.pdf

  St. Rene Goupil.pdf

  St. Richard.pdf

  St. Rita.pdf

  St. Roch.pdf

  St. Rose of Lima.pdf

  St. Sebastian.pdf

  St. Stephen.pdf

  St. Sylvester.pdf

  St. Theresa Shrine.pdf

  St. Thomas Aquinas.pdf

  St. Thomas More.pdf

  St. Ursula.pdf

  St. Victor.pdf

  St. Vincent de Paul.pdf

  St. Wilfrid.pdf


  Bishop Allen Academy_2019July16.pdf

  Bishop Marrocco-Thomas Merton_2019Jul10.pdf

  Blessed Cardinal Newman_2019Jul25.pdf

  Blessed Margherita of Citta Castello_2019July22.pdf

  Blessed Sacrament_2019July22.pdf

  Blessed Trinity_2019Jul10.pdf

  Canadian Martyrs_2019Jul16.pdf

  Catholic Education Center_2019Jul11.pdf

  Chaminade College_2019July17.pdf

  Dante Alighieri Academy St Margaret (Beatrice Campus)_2019Aug20.pdf

  Dante Alighieri Academy_2019July23.pdf

  D'Arcy McGee_2019July24.pdf

  East Facilities Services_2019Jul16.pdf

  Epiphany of Our Lord_2019Jul12.pdf

  Father Henry Carr_2019July11.pdf

  Father Serra_2019July12.pdf

  Francis Liberman_2019Jul23.pdf

  Holy Angels_2019July15.pdf

  Holy Cross_2019Jul18.pdf

  Holy Family_2019Jul10.pdf

  Holy Name_2019Jul18.pdf

  Holy Rosary_2019Jul19.pdf

  Holy Spirit_2019Jul22.pdf

  Immaculate Heart of Mary_2019Jul25.pdf

  James Cardinal McGuigan_2019July19.pdf

  James Culnan_2019July26.pdf

  Jean Vanier_2019Jul24.pdf

  Josyf Cardinal_2019July15.pdf

  Loretto Abbey_2019Jul11.pdf


  Mary Ward LINC ESL Center_2019Jul12.pdf

  Michael Power St. Joseph_2019Jul19.pdf

  Monsignor Fraser - Isabella North_2019Jul18.pdf

  Monsignor Fraser (Norfinch)_2019Jul19.pdf

  Monsignor Fraser College - Annex Campus_2019July25.pdf

  Monsignor Fraser College - Isabella Campus_2019Jul18.pdf

  Monsignor Fraser College - Midland Campus_2019Jul22.pdf

  Monsignor Fraser College - Midland North Campus_2019Jul22.pdf

  Monsignor Fraser College - St. Martin_2019Jul18.pdf

  Monsignor John Corrigan Catholic School_2019July10.pdf

  Mother Cabrini Catholic School_2019July12.pdf

  Nativity of our Lord Catholic School_2019July15.pdf

  Neil McNeil_2019Jul25.pdf

  Notre Dame_2019Jul17.pdf

  Our Lady of Grace_2019Jul23.pdf

  Our Lady of Guadalupe_2019July15.pdf

  Our Lady of Mount Carmel_2019Jul12.pdf

  Our Lady of Peace_2019July15.pdf

  Our Lady of Perpetual Help_2019Jul18.pdf

  Our Lady of the Assumption_2019July23.pdf

  Our Lady of Wisdom_2019July15.pdf

  Pope Francis Catholic School_2019Jul10.pdf

  Precious Blood_2019Jul16.pdf

  Regina Mundi_2019July23.pdf

  Santa Maria_2019July17.pdf

  St. Agatha_2019Jul26.pdf

  St. Agnes_2019Jul10.pdf

  St. Aidan_2019Jul22.pdf

  St. Albert_2019Jul24.pdf

  St. Alphonsus_2019July24.pdf

  St. Andrew_2019July10.pdf

  St. Angela_2019July10.pdf

  St. Anselm_2019Jul16.pdf

  St. Antoine Daniel_2019Jul10.pdf

  St. Augustine_2019Aug20.pdf

  St. Barbara_2019Jul26.pdf

  St. Barnabas_2019Jul24.pdf

  St. Bartholomew_2019Jul22.pdf

  St. Benedict_2019July11.pdf

  St. Bernard_2019July16.pdf

  St. Bonaventure_2019Jul11.pdf

  St. Boniface_2019Jul26.pdf

  St. Brendan_2019July30.pdf

  St. Brigid_2019Sep10.pdf

  St. Bruno_2019July25.pdf

  St. Catherine_2019Jul16.pdf

  St. Cecilia_2019July26.pdf

  St. Charles Garnier_2019July19.pdf

  St. Charles_2019July23.pdf

  St. Clare_2019July24.pdf

  St. Columba_2019July29.pdf

  St. Cyril_2019Jul10.pdf

  St. Demetrius_2019July16.pdf

  St. Denis_2019Jul17.pdf

  St. Dorothy_2019July10.pdf

  St. Dunstan_2019Jul25.pdf

  St. Edmund Campion_2019July29.pdf

  St. Elizabeth_2019July15.pdf

  St. Eugene_2019July12.pdf

  St. Fidelis_2019July17.pdf

  St. Florence_2019Jul24.pdf

  St. Francis de Sales_2019July19.pdf

  St. Francis of Assisi_2019Jul10.pdf

  St. Francis Xavier_2019July17.pdf

  St. Gabriel Lalemant_2019Jul23.pdf

  St. Gabriel_2019Jul11.pdf

  St. Gerald_2019Jul12.pdf

  St. Henry_2019Jul12.pdf

  St. Ignatius of Loyola_2019Jul23.pdf

  St. Isaac Jogues_2019July15.pdf

  St. James_2019July26.pdf

  St. Jane Frances_2019July22.pdf

  St. Jean De Brebeuf_2019July29.pdf

  St. Jerome_2019July18.pdf

  St. Joachim_2019Jul25.pdf

  St. John Bosco_2019July24.pdf

  St. John Paul II_2019Aug20.pdf

  St. John the Evangelist_2019July18.pdf

  St. John Vianney_2019July11.pdf

  St. John XXII_2019Jul16.pdf

  St. John_2019Jul17.pdf

  St. Joseph College_2019Jul19.pdf

  St. Joseph Morrow Park_2019Jul10.pdf

  St. Joseph_2019Jul17.pdf

  St. Josephat Catholic School_2019July16.pdf

  St. Jude_2019July11.pdf

  St. Kateri Tekakwitha_2019Jul12.pdf

  St. Kevin_2019July15.pdf

  St. Lawrence_2019Jul24.pdf

  St. Leo_2019July16.pdf

  St. Louis_2019July16.pdf

  St. Luigi_2019July26.pdf

  St. Malachy_2019July30.pdf

  St. Marcellus_2019July12.pdf

  St. Margaret_2019July22.pdf

  St. Marguerite Bourgeoys_2019Jul24.pdf

  St. Martha_2019July22.pdf

  St. Martin de Porres_2019July29.pdf

  St. Mary Academy_2019July25.pdf

  St. Mary of the Angels_2019Aug20.pdf

  St. Mary's Elementary_2019Jul19.pdf

  St. Matthew_2019July17.pdf

  St. Matthias_2019July15.pdf

  St. Maurice_2019July11.pdf

  St. Michael_2019Jul19.pdf

  St. Michael's Choir 67 bond_2019Jul19.pdf

  St. Michael's Choir 69 bond_2019Jul19.pdf

  St. Monica_2019Jul11.pdf

  St. Nicholas of Bari_2019July24.pdf

  St. Norbert_2019July18.pdf

  St. Oscar Romero_2019July17.pdf

  St. Paschal Baylon_2019Jul10.pdf

  St. Patrick_2019Jul17.pdf

  St. Paul VI_2019July25.pdf

  St. Paul_2019Jul19.pdf

  St. Pius X_2019July26.pdf

  St. Raphael_2019July18.pdf

  St. Rene Goupil_2019Jul23.pdf

  St. Richard_2019Sep10.pdf

  St. Rita_2019July26.pdf

  St. Roch_2019July11.pdf

  St. Rose of Lima_2019Jul26.pdf

  St. Sebastian_2019July25.pdf

  St. Sylvester_2019Jul22.pdf

  St. Theresa Shrine_2019Jul25.pdf

  St. Thomas Aquinas_2019July23.pdf

  St. Thomas More_2019Jul29.pdf

  St. Ursula_2019Jul26.pdf

  St. Victor_2019Jul24.pdf

  St. Vincent de Paul_2019Jul10.pdf

  St. Wilfrid_2019July19.pdf


Based on construction date, the following are TCDSB schools and other workplaces that do not have any asbestos-containing material as defined in O. Reg. 278/05. There is no ACM that can be disturbed and potentially impact maintenance staff, contractors or the building occupants.


These facilities will receive a mandatory designated substance survey prior to demolition or major renovation as required under Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act.  

All Saints 

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Brebeuf College

Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts (Greenfield Ave.)

Cardinal Leger

Father John Redmond​

Holy Child 

Immaculate Conception

Loretto College

Marshal McLuhan

Mary Ward

Msgr. Percy Johnson 

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady of Victory

Prince of Peace

Sacred Heart

Senator O'Connor

St. Ambrose

St. Andre

St. Anthony

St. Basil-the-Great

St. Bede

St. Conrad

St. Dominic Savio

St. Edward

St. Elizabeth Seton

St. Gregory

St. Helen

St. Maria Goretti

St. Mark

St. Mother Teresa Catholic Academy

St. Nicholas

St. Robert


The Divine Infant

​ ​​​​​​​​​​