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Toronto Catholic District School Board

St. Bruno and St. Raymond



Review Area:  Cluster 2 
St. Raymond/St. Bruno
Letter Regarding the Business Case: Business Case Submission, March 1, 2016


Reminder about special corporate affairs meeting for St. Raymond and St. Bruno December 11, 2015. 

Reminder about special Corporate Affairs meeting for St. Raymond and St. Bruno.


Please note the following dates for public meetings regarding the School Accommodation Review for the area including St. Bruno and St. Raymond Catholic Schools.
All parents, students, staff and members of the community are welcome to attend.

All Public meetings will start at 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
1st meeting – February 25th, 2015                 St. Bruno
Minutes of SARC - February 25 2015 - St  Bruno-St  Raymond - 1st Public Meeting - 3Revision.pdfFeb 25, 2015 Meeting Minutes                 402 Melita Crescent


2nd meeting  - March 31st, 2015                     St. Raymond
Minutes of SARC -March 31 2015-St  Raymond- St  Bruno - 2nd Public Meeting.pdfMar 31, 2015 Meeting Minutes                  270 Barton Avenue


3rd meeting – April 29th, 2015                         St. Bruno 
Minutes of SARC - APRIL 29TH 2015 - 3RD PUBLIC MEETING AT ST. BRUNO.pdfApr 29, 2015 Meeting Minutes                   402 Melita Crescent


4th meeting--June 16th, 2015 7-9 p.m.            St. Raymond
Minutes of SARC - June 16th 2015 at St. Raymond.pdfJune 16, 2015 Meeting Minutes                 270 Barton Avenue
5th meeting – June 29th, 2015                        St. Raymond 
Minutes of SARC - June 29th  2015 at St. Raymond - Last Public Meeting.pdfJune 29, 2015 Meetings Minutes               270 Barton Avenue
6th meeting – September 22nd, 2015               St. Bruno 
                                                                         402 Melita Crescent


Please note that a Portuguese interpreter will be available at these meetings.
For more information please refer to the links below.School Accommodation Review Policy S.09.
Information Related to the Review for the Area :
Related Communications


Information in Portuguese

Introductory Letter about the ARC ARC letter  St Bruno St  Raymond PORTUGUESE.pdfARC letter St Bruno St Raymond PORTUGUESE.pdf

Information about public meetings  TCDSB School Accommodation Review St Bruno St Raymond PORTUGUESE.pdfTCDSB School Accommodation Review St Bruno St Raymond PORTUGUESE.pdf