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TCDSB Policy Register    

Credit And Purchase Cards A.24

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1.                  Board approved budget funds may be accessed by Board authorized corporate credit or purchase cards for low value purchases and approved expenses.
2.                  The card holder responsible for the card must sign a card holder’s agreement and shall comply with the Board’s purchasing policies and procedures and any other related policies concerning expenditures.   
3.                  No cash advances shall be allowed on any credit card (Purchasing or Corporate) and items purchased may not be returned for cash. 
4.                  Corporate credit cards shall be issued to members of Directors Council and upon request to trustees. 
5.                  Corporate credit card expenditures incurred shall be within the Board approved budget assigned to the cardholder. 
6.                  Approvals of corporate credit card expenses under this policy will be as follows:  
(a)                in the case of a trustee or the Chair of the Board, the Director of Education or designate;
(b)               in the case of the Director  of Education, the Chair of the Board;
(c)                in the case of Director’s Council, the Director of Education. 
7.                  All expenditures must be detailed on a monthly expense report form indicating the date and purpose of the expenditure and must be supported by original itemized receipts and other appropriate documentation.  
8.                  Purchase cards shall be issued to schools and departments according to established procedures and expenditures shall be within the established bloc budget and funds reservations for the school or department. 
9.                  A limited use Purchase card (P-Card) may be used for purchases of items/services normally purchased by low value purchase orders in lieu of issuing a purchase order. 
10.              Use of the Purchase card is limited to particular Merchant Category Codes (MCC) and the user must comply with the Board’s purchasing policy and procedures. 

11.              A purchase card shall be held by the Materials Management Department without MCC restrictions for special circumstance purchases and shall be under the care and control of the Senior Coordinator, Finance. 

12.              Exceptions to this policy and resolution of any dispute arising shall be at the discretion of the Director for staff and the Board in the case of trustees in private sessi