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Toronto Catholic District School Board

TCDSB Policy Register  

Caretaker Deployment H.S.03


1. The TCDSB shall deploy caretakers to maintain an adequate level of cleanliness in its plant facilities.
2. Caretakers may be twinned where practicable but in no case shall the twinning of caretakers leave a school unattended during education periods.  


1. The school shall be staffed according to the following formula:
Elementary Schools:

C = .081S + .011A + .0005P-.01
Secondary Schools:
C = .091F + .0007A + .0019P-.53
Key to Formula:

C = Caretakers required by formula.

S = Stations for teachers. Number of rooms where instructions are held. Gyms, shops, music rooms, libraries, etc., are counted in terms of classroom equivalents and their square footage divided by 1,000 - i.e. 40' x 50' gym = 2,000 square feet or 2 teaching stations.  
A = Area of building. Total square footage of all floors including basement but excluding covered walkways, patios and interior courtyards. This value is expressed in thousands - viz. 40,000 square feet would be 40.
P = Pupils. Current enrolment. A "confidence level" adjustment to the calculated number of caretakers is required to accommodate special circumstances such as permits, number of portables, lease of facilities. The limits of confidence level adjustment are +1.33 for elementary schools and +1.58 for secondary schools.
2. A pool of supply caretakers shall be established to cover for absenteeism.
3. Supply or spare caretakers shall be used before a regular caretaker shall be assigned overtime.  
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