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TCDSB Policy Register    

Permit Supervisors- H.S.06

The Toronto Catholic District School Board encourages the use of its school facilities by community groups and the public through the issuance of school permits as governed by its Permits policy. During the period specified on a school permit, the Board shall ensure the security of the school facility.
1. If a permit is issued when a caretaker is normally on duty for a part, or the whole, duration of the permit, the caretaker will be responsible for permit supervision as part of the regular and normal duties.
2. When a caretaker is not normally on duty during the period specified on a permit, supervision and care of the facility will be ensured by:
(a) appointing a Permit Supervisor; or
(b) charging the principal, supervisory officer or priest with the responsibility of plant supervision and security when the requirement of a caretaker or supervisor is waived in accordance with the Permit policy (B.R.05).
3. The Permit Department shall be responsible for the provision of supervision when a permit is issued outside the normal hours of duty of a caretaker in the facility for which the permit is issued.
4. Permit Supervisors may be selected from the following, giving priority to caretakers currently employed by the Toronto Catholic District School Board.
(a) Caretakers;
(b) Other Toronto Catholic District School Board employees;
(c) The public at large
5. Rates of remuneration for Permit Supervisors, who are Board employees, shall be in accordance with the Collective Agreement, CUPE Local 1280, Schedule A.
6. The duties and responsibilities of Permit Supervisors, in addition to enforcing the "Permit User Rules" that are printed on the permit form, shall be as follows:
(a) Be present one-half hour before and after the time the permit is in force;
(b) Open the school at the time stated on the permit;
(c) Secure the school at the time stated on the permit by closing all windows, locking all doors, verifying that all have left the building, and engaging any security alarm devices that are normally in operation when the building is empty;
(d) In the event that the permit holder did not restore the school to normal order to allow the uninterrupted resumption of classes, the Permit Supervisor will tidy up the area and report on the situation to the Permit Department;
(e) When the permit holder is in conflict with any of the permit regulations, the Permit Supervisor will apprise the permit holder and request conformity with the regulations. Should contraventions persist, it will be reported to the Permit Department.
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