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TCDSB Policy Register     

Chaplaincy Program H.S.09


Each Catholic secondary school shall establish a chaplaincy program under the direction of a chaplain or chaplaincy team leader. 


1. The titles of chaplain, chaplaincy team leader and chaplaincy team member shall be used as follows:
a) the title of "chaplain" will be reserved for priests,
b) the title of "chaplaincy team leader" will be reserved for other than priest personnel, when the priest is not the team leader, and
c) the title of "chaplaincy team member" will be reserved for other than priest personnel.
2. Every chaplaincy team shall include the membership of a priest, at least on a part-time or voluntary basis.
3. The role of the chaplaincy team is to provide a Ministry of Presence, to build community and to celebrate faith. The chaplaincy team has a very specific mission - the pastoral ministry of staff and students and, to a lesser degree, to the students' parents.  
4. The chaplain/chaplaincy team leader will have the position of office, separate and distinct from the overall academic structure of the school, but at the same time working with and answerable to the principal of that secondary school.
5. The qualifications of chaplain, and chaplaincy team leader, are as follows:
a) the applicant must have an interest and demonstrated ability in working with young people and accept the fact that many are coping with faith crises,
b) the applicant must have the capacity to be empathetic and compassionate. Special attention must be directed to the spiritual life of the candidate,
c) the applicant must hold a basic university degree with a minimum of five courses in scripture, moral theology, systematic theology or liturgy, or certification in chaplaincy service from an accredited educational institution, and
d) the applicant must provide evidence of course work in adolescent psychology or successful experience working with adolescents in different settings.
6. A confidential recommendation will be required:
a) from the appropriate bishop for applicants who are diocesan priests, or  
b) from the superior or director is required for applicants of religious communities, or
c) from the parish priest attesting to community and/or parish involvement for all other applicants.
7. The Archdiocese will be approached to assist the Board to provide a chaplain/chaplaincy team leader for schools entitled to one or two days of assistance.
8. Prior to the appointment of a chaplain and/or chaplaincy team leaders and members, approval of the Ordinary will be obtained:
a) through the office of the Director of Clergy Personnel for priest chaplains,
b) through the office of the Permanent Diaconate for deacon personnel, and
c) through the office of the Catholic High School Commission for other than priest and deacon personnel.
a) The staffing level shall be based on the student population of the school, but is not to exceed the following:
     0 - 300 students 1 day per week
     301 - 600 students 2 days per week
     601 - 900 students 3 days per week
     901 - 1200 students 4 days per week
     over 1200 students 5 days per week
b) The service of volunteer members of the chaplaincy team would be in addition to paid service set out herein.
10. All positions related to the chaplaincy program will be offered on a yearly basis, subject to an annual review.
11. The salary range for the chaplain and the chaplaincy team leader/member will be reviewed on an annual basis.
12. A chapel/prayer room should be available for the purpose of personal prayer, quiet meditation and liturgical celebrations. 
BM p 107, 15 Apr 87.