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Toronto Catholic District School Board

TCDSB Policy Register

P.04 Catholic Parent Involvement Committee


Date Approved:
Policy Review Cycle:
Dates of Amendment:
April 25, 2013- Board
April 2016
Cross Reference:
Education Act Ontario Regulation 612/00 School Councils and Parent Involvement Committees
S. 10      Catholic School Advisory Councils
F.M.01   Employee Expenses
F.P.01    Purchasing
H.M.19  Conflict Resolution
Appendix A: Toronto CPIC Constitution and By-laws (will be available at a later date)
This Policy provides direction on the operation of the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s Parent Involvement Committee in those areas where a policy is required by the Regulation in the Education Act.
Scope and Responsibility:
The policy provides oversight to the operation and activities of the TCDSB’s Parent Involvement Committee (CPIC).  The Director of Education is responsible for this policy.
Alignment with MYSP:
Living Our Catholic Values
Strengthening Public Confidence
Fostering Student Achievement and Well-Being
Financial Impact:
The Ontario Ministry of Education provides base funding for the Catholic Parent Involvement Committee. Annual applications may be submitted by CPIC to the Ministry of Education for regional Parent Reaching Out grants to further support parent engagement at the TCDSB.
Legal Impact:
The Board’s legal counsel will ensure matters of the Catholic Parent Involvement Committee are consistent with the mandate prescribed in Ontario Regulation 612/00.
External legal advice sought by the Parent Involvement Committee will not be supported with funds provided by the Ministry of Education.
The Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (CPIC) is a statutory committee of the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), and its mandate is to support, encourage and enhance parent engagement at the board level in order to improve student achievement and well-being. CPIC will provide information and advice on parent engagement to the Board of Trustees and the Director of Education, will communicate with and support Catholic School Advisory Councils of the TCDSB, and will undertake activities to help parents of pupils in TCDSB schools support their children’s learning at home and at school. It is incumbent upon the Catholic Parent Involvement Committee to act as a committee and not carry out responsibilities as individual members of the committee.
1.                  CPIC will develop strategies and initiatives that the TCDSB could use to effectively communicate with parents and to effectively engage parents in improving student achievement and well-being, and advise the Board of Trustees, TCDSB staff and the Director of Education on methods of implementing these strategies and initiatives, and communicate information from the Ministry to school councils of the board.
2.                  CPIC will work collaboratively with the Director of Education, Board of Trustees, TCDSB staff and Catholic School Advisory Councils of the TCDSB to share effective parent engagement practices, identify and reduce barriers to meaningful parent engagement, and ensure that TCDSB schools create a welcoming environment for parents.
3.                  The Board may solicit, receive and take into consideration the advice of CPIC regarding matters that relate to parent engagement, and student achievement and well-being, and will inform CPIC of its response to the advice given.
4.                  CPIC will be regularly allotted time on the order paper of the Regular Board meeting to address the board and provide information and advice on parent engagement, and strategies to effectively engage parents in improving student achievement and well-being. The Board will inform CPIC of its response to the advice given.
5.                  Information, recommendations and advice to the Board will be augmented through the minutes of CPIC received at the Regular Board meeting.
6.                  CPIC may solicit and take into consideration the advice of parents of students enrolled in TCDSB schools with regards to matters under consideration by the Committee in consultation by Board staff.
7.                  Prior to discussing with the whole Committee and committing to proposed expenditures from base funds as per the approved budget of the Committee, the CPIC Chair will consult with the Director, separate from regular committee meetings, about the use of designated funds allocated to support parent engagement consistent with TCDSB policies.
8.                  After the consultation with the Director, all proposed expenditures exceeding $2500 from base funds will be presented through a motion to the whole CPIC for approval.
9.                  For proposed contracted products and services from both base funding and applicable Parent Reaching Out (PRO) grants, contracts must be reviewed centrally prior to execution. The CPIC Chair and Director of Education or designate must co-sign the agreement. For purchases and/or contract for services, the TCDSB policy (F.P.01 Purchasing) must be followed. Any contracts or purchases entered into by CPIC without prior approval will become the responsibility of the CPIC member who incurred the expense.
10.              TCDSB will reimburse CPIC members for acceptable expenses reasonably incurred in line with the TCDSB policy (F.M.01 Employee Expenses) and specified in the Procedural Guideline. A general motion approving CPIC member reimbursement parameters and processes will be approved at the first meeting held in October of every year.
11.              With the approval of CPIC, funds may be disbursed to parents of children in TCDSB schools to support attendance at events and workshops focused on parent engagement.
12.              Records of financial transactions will be provided by TCDSB staff to CPIC for Committee meetings.  Financial statements will be posted on the board’s website quarterly.
13.              The Board will appoint a Trustee representative and alternate to CPIC and determine the term of office for such appointment at its annual Caucus meeting.
14.              The Board shall ensure that vacancies in parent member positions on CPIC are advertised through the TCDSB Communications Department using a variety of methods.
15.              TCDSB staff and CPIC members will organize elections and prepare and communicate election materials.  With respect to the actual election process in different wards, TCDSB staff will facilitate, conduct and scrutinize each election to ensure impartiality and transparency.
16.              The Board will annually determine the meeting dates for CPIC, as per the process for its Standing and Statutory committees, at its regular meeting in December. All regular Committee meetings will take place at the TCDSB’s Catholic Education Centre and are open for the public to attend. The Board shall ensure all members are able to participate fully in committee meetings by electronic means.
17.              The Chair of CPIC shall ensure that notice and agenda, including relevant back-up materials, of each regular Committee meeting and subcommittee meeting is provided to all members of the Committee at least five days before the meeting by delivering a notice to each member by e-mail and by arranging for staff to post a notice on the Board’s website.
18.              Insofar as CPIC may establish subcommittees, notices of meetings and agendas will be delivered to each member of the committee and posted on the TCDSB website. Meetings will be held at the premises of the TCDSB insofar as such facilities are available.
19.              A regular meeting of CPIC will not proceed if the Trustee representative or alternate, and the Director or designate, is not in attendance in person or via electronic communication. Should the Trustee Representative or Director/designate need to leave for the duration of the meeting, and an alternative replacement cannot be found, the Committee will adjourn the meeting.
20.              Approved minutes of all CPIC meetings will be posted on the TCDSB website by Board staff and sent electronically to the chairs or co-chairs of Catholic School Advisory Councils in each school of the TCDSB. Minutes will remain on the TCDSB website for four years. Approved minutes will be provided for inclusion on the order paper of the Regular Board.
21.              All communications from CPIC intended for distribution to parents of children in schools of the Board will be approved by the Director prior to the communication being sent to the intended recipients.
22.              CPIC will approve and submit an annual written summary of the Committee’s activities to the Chair of the Board and the Director of Education by November 30 of every year.  The summary will include a report on how funding provided for parental involvement was spent.  The director will provide this summary of activities to Catholic School Advisory Councils of the TCDSB, and will post the summary of activities on the TCDSB website.
23.               CPIC’s by-law governing internal conflict resolution will be consistent with the TCDSB policy (H.M. 19 Conflict Resolution).
24.              The Operational Procedures provided will govern the respective activities of CPIC. (Appendix B).
Not of significance in this policy.
Evaluation and Metrics:
1.                  The annual summary of CPIC activities will serve as an assessment of the committee’s work to support parental engagement at TCDSB.
2.                  Advice provided to the Board of Trustees and the Director of Education and any action arising out of this advice will be monitored and assessed.