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National Flag S.06

Date Approved:
Date of Review:
Dates of Amendment:
Mar 65
12 Sep 06
Apr 96; 16 Dec 93; 17 Jul 86
Cross Reference:
The Canadian flag shall be flown at each school and office building on each school or working day.  The Vatican (papal) flag may be displayed inside school premises. 
1.  The Canadian flag will be flown each school or working day from a flag pole. 
2.   The national flag will be treated with dignity and respect and flown or displayed properly at each school and office facility.   
3.   a) The principal of a school will instil in students loyalty to Canada and respect for the national flag.  
b) An appropriate flag raising ceremony and a flag lowering ceremony at a school may take place as arranged by the principal.  
c) Students will be given an opportunity to participate in a flag raising and flag lowering ceremony. 
4. When lowered the national flag will be properly folded and afforded the dignity common to such an emblem. 
5. The principal will maintain the Canadian flag in good condition or have it replaced. 
6. The flag will be flown at half mast on the 11 November when school is in session and on such other days as instructed by the Director of Education. 
7. Other Canadian Flag Protocol. 
a) The Canadian flag may be displayed flat or flown on a staff: 
     i. If flat, it may be hung horizontally or vertically. 
     ii. If it hangs vertically, against a wall, the flag should be placed so that the upper part of the leaf is to the left and the stem is to the right as seen by spectators. 
b) The Canadian flag will be given a place of honour: 
i. In a procession it will be at the marching right or at the centre front. 
ii. No flag, banner or pennant should be flown or displayed above the Canadian flag.   
iii. Where three flags are flown the Canadian flag will occupy the central position.   
iv. Where two or more than three flags are flown together, the Canadian flag will be on the left as seen by the spectators. 
8. Pledge of Allegiance to the Canadian Flag. 
(a)  Opening exercises for a school day may include a pledge to the Canadian flag. 
(b) Schools may use the following pledge or adapt it to their specific situation: 
To my Flag and to the country it represents, I pledge RESPECT and LOYALTY.  Wave with PRIDE from sea to sea and within your folds, keep us ever UNITED.  Be for all a symbol of LOVE, FREEDOM, and JUSTICE.  God keep our FLAG.  God protect our CANADA." 
(c) Principals should consider including a Pledge to the Flag as part of the opening exercises on school days which are on or near days of special national significance (e.g.  Remembrance Day, Canada Day). 
9. The Vatican (papal) flag may be displayed by schools, within the school premises, at the discretion of the principal.