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Toronto Catholic District School Board

TCDSB Policy Register      

Blessing And Official Opening of Schools S.08 


Date Approved:
Policy Review Cycle:
Dates of Amendment:
March 7, 2013 – Student Achievement & Well Being Committee
March 2016
14 Dec 92; 18 Jun 92; 19 Oct 89; 16 Oct 86, Oct.67
Cross Reference:
The policy outlines the manner in which the Toronto Catholic District School Board can provide support concerning the blessing and official opening of schools ceremonies.
Scope and Responsibility:
The Director of Education with the support of the Communications Department and respective Schools Superintendent will provide support to the local School Principal during events celebrating official openings and blessings.
Alignment with MYSP:
Providing Stewardship of Resources
Strengthening Public Confidence
Financial Impact:
Generally, there is no overall significant financial impact as the award costs will not exceed the annual budget provision in the amount of $10,000.
Legal Impact:
There is no significant or identified legal impact. 
An appropriate ceremony shall be arranged for the blessing and official opening of a new school or an addition to a school
The following procedure shall be adopted with respect to solemn blessing and official openings of new schools and new additions.
1.     At a meeting convened by the principal the program will be planned by a committee comprised of the principal, teachers, supervisory officer, member of the Communications Department,  the local pastor,  the local school trustee, the Chairman of the Catholic School Advisory Council and the President of the Student Council.
2.    The official guest list will include:
the Archbishop, Chair of the Board, all trustees of the Board, parish priest, senior board officials, architect, contractor, the mayor, the city councillors, and provincial and federal representatives.
3.    The order of speakers on the program will be as follows: 
Principal of the School ‑ Chair
Chair of the Board
Minister of Education
Appropriate Trustee
Local Member of Provincial Parliament
Local Member of Parliament
Representative of the Municipality
Director of Education
Chair of Catholic School Advisory Council
Parish Priest
President of the Student Council, where applicable
4.    Others to be invited should include students, parents, pastor(s) of neighbouring parish(es), principals of neighbouring Catholic and public elementary and secondary schools, chairman and senior officials of the Board of Education.
5.    The ceremony for the blessing of the school will be planned in consultation with the pastor.
6.    An annual budget of $600 per school community under 500 students and $750 per school community over 500 students will be set for the costs of the blessing and official opening of schools up to a maximum of $10,000 per year.
Evaluation and Metrics:
The Director of Education, supported by the Communications Department, shall ensure compliance with the overall maximum budget allocation