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TCDSB Policy Register  


Lunchroom Supervision And Facilities S.11


Toronto Catholic District School Board students, who are required to remain at school for lunch, shall be given a reasonable length of time to eat lunch in suitable facilities with appropriate supervision. 


1. School Plan: Lunchroom Facilities and Supervision
a) School principals shall prepare a plan regarding the accommodation and supervision of students who must remain at school to eat lunch.
b) The plan shall be prepared in accordance with the policy statement, regulations and guidelines, and submitted to the appropriate supervisory officer no later than June 15 each year for implementation in September of the following year.
c) The plan shall be reviewed by the appropriate supervisory officer upon submission each year and approved with appropriate modifications, if necessary.
2. Facilities
a) Students shall be accommodated in the best possible environment with adequate adult supervision.
b) Students shall be provided with adequate facilities that must include both a seat and table top for eating lunch. This may include:
i) tables and benches;
ii) classroom desks with seats.
c) Students shall not be permitted to eat lunch while sitting on the floor.
d) Benches, tables and chairs should be purchased over a period of time on a priority basis and funded by the Curriculum Support Unit through a special fund provided for this purpose. The purchase of this equipment is to facilitate the grouping of students for lunchtime supervision purposes.
3. Supervision
a) The appropriate number of adult supervisors shall be assigned to lunch supervision so as to ensure the safety of each student.
b) Student monitors may be used to assist the appropriate number of adult supervisors.
c) Each student shall be given a minimum of 20 minutes to eat lunch.
d) Each teacher shall be given 40 minutes of time for lunch.
4. General
a) The grouping of students in larger areas may assist in reducing the appropriate number of adult supervisors.
b) Community volunteers may be recruited to assist school supervisors during the lunch period.  
BM p 46, Apr 85.