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TCDSB Policy Register    

Date Approved:
Date of Review:
Dates of Amendment:
11 Dec 06
Cross Reference:
O. Reg. 612, School Councils
S. 10, Catholic School Advisory Councils
The Toronto Catholic District School Board permits fund raising to be undertaken by its schools. All fund raising activities whether for the school or for an approved organization shall be related to charitable, humanitarian, educational, or service activities consistent with the tenets of Catholicism. 
1.         All fund raising shall be carried out under the jurisdiction and supervision of the principal and may be a joint project with the local Catholic School Advisory Council and/or Student Council.  
2.         Participation of students in fund raising in schools shall be voluntary and consideration shall be given to factors such as the age and safety of the students. Fund raising activities shall not interfere unduly with the learning experiences in the curriculum.  
3.         The school principal must approve the content, and/or posting on school property, of any advertising materials, or the distribution of notices dealing with school fund raising events.  
4.         Individuals and organizations, approved under policy S.13, Approved Access to Schools by Individuals and Organizations, who wish to raise funds on school property and/or with the assistance of school staff and students, must do so in accordance with the fund raising policy and its regulations.  
5.         Funds raised under this policy shall not be used to purchase textbooks, learning materials and resources for regular classroom programs which would normally be funded through Board and school-based budgets. 
6.         When fund raising is a joint project with the local Catholic School Advisory Council and/or Student Council, it is understood that the decision making as to the disbursement of funds is also a joint responsibility. The following shall be authorized to sign cheques (one person from each of groups (a) and (b) shall sign each cheque):  
a)         two parent/student representatives on the Executive Committee of the Catholic School Advisory Council/Student Council - usually the Treasurer and the Chair;  
b)          two representatives from the school namely the Principal , Vice-Principal or Superintendent (where no Vice-Principal exists) and  
c)         The signature of the Treasurer of TCDSB will be required only under exceptional circumstances such as suspected misappropriation of funds. 
7.         The school Principal shall sign all cheques and only in the absence of the Principal will the Vice-Principal or Superintendent sign. 
8.         Appropriate record keeping procedures for all funds raised or donated to the school shall be maintained in accordance with those prescribed by the Treasurer of the Board.  
9.         An annual financial summary of all fund raising activities conducted during the school year shall be prepared and presented to the community at the Annual General Meeting in the fall. The statement should be kept on file at the school.