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TCDSB Policy Register


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June 7, 2012 - Board
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The Ministry of Education provides funding for the delivery of curriculum as outlined in the Education Act.  The TCDSB values an enhanced school and faith experience beyond the classroom.
Student Activity Fees
Student activity fees are voluntary amounts that are used to supplement a student’s school experience through materials and activities such as student agendas, student recognition programs, yearbooks, extracurricular activities, school dances, theme days, etc.
Enhanced Programming and Materials
Enhanced programming and materials are voluntary enrichments or upgrades to the curriculum activities beyond what is necessary to meet the learning expectations for a particular grade or course. They represent superior products or consumables to that offered by the school and may be chosen by the student at their own expense.
Optional Programming
Optional programming refers to voluntary courses or activities that students normally choose to attend through an application process. Examples would be an Advanced Placement or a Hockey Canada Skills Academy program.
It is the policy of the Board to allow schools to charge a Student Activity Fee to enhance a student’s school and faith experience.
Non-payment of these fees will in no way interfere with a student’s course selection or graduation from a course or program.  Mandatory charges are not allowed for any curriculum requirements used to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or a Secondary School Certificate (OSSC).Where a charge is requested for enhanced materials and equipment, a suitable no cost alternative will always be made available.
Our schools will ensure they meet the financial needs of students and funds will be made available, discreetly, to ensure that no child is left out.
This policy applies equally to students with special needs.
1.                  All requests for student activity fees will be on a voluntary basis, will reflect actual cost and the total charge will be itemized were possible.
2.                  The current amount and intended allocation of fixed Student Activity fees, Enhanced Programming & Materials and Optional Programming shall be in each school’s profile on the Board’s website and in each school’s agenda.
3.         Principals must annually consult Catholic School Advisory Councils (CSAC) and Student Councils in deciding the amount of Student Activity Fees
4.         Where students choose not to purchase Enhanced Programming and Materials, alternatives must be made available for essential course materials required to meet the learning expectations of the course or grade at no extra cost to the student.
5.         Student fees are permitted, on a voluntary basis, which promotes the Board’s vision of Christian values, community spirit, wellness and academic excellence.
6.         The Director of Education will develop the School Fees Handbook and revise the document from time to time as required. This handbook will contain the applicable administrative practices, rules and procedures which must be followed when dealing with Student Activity Fees, Enhanced Programming & Materials and Optional Programming.
7.         All schools that collect a Student Activity Fee will be responsible for a detailed year end accounting to the school community as outlined in the School Fees Handbook. This Accounting must be stored in an area or media accessible to the school community and will be filed with the Board at the same time as the year end school banking closing procedures.
8.         This policy does not supersede the Board’s policy on Dress Code or any situations that could be interpreted as a Health or Safety concern.
9.         The dignity of every student and parent will be honoured in the school fee collection process. The School Fees Handbook will outline expectations of privacy and a respectful practice for discreet identification of financial hardship and assistance.
10.       Fee schedules for the upcoming school year should be made widely available to the school community and to new students at the time of grade 9 registration or before the new school year begins.
11.       Written documentation in the form of a receipt must be provided to students or parents upon payment of any Activity fees, Enhanced Programming and Materials and Optional Programming.