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TCDSB Policy Register 

Cafeterias- Secondary Schools S.M.13


Date Approved:
Date of Review:
Dates of Amendment:
Jun 87.
June 6, 2006
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Nutritionally sound and varied food services at favourable prices will be provided in the secondary schools in existing facilities. 
1. The nutritional values of all foods and beverages served shall be consistent with health related regulations of local, provincial and federal governments.  
2. The principal shall be responsible for the day to day administration of the cafeteria operation.
3. The principal shall have the option of providing the cafeteria service by use of a caterer/vending machine operator which has been selected through the tendering process or alternately as provided by a detailed plan for cafeteria services which has been approved by the Director.  
4. If professional kitchen facilities are not available, the principal shall arrange for an appropriate lunchroom service without the use of a caterer/vending machine operator after submitting a detailed plan and obtaining the approval of the Director.  
5. Where a catering service is to be used, the selection of a caterer/vending machine operator shall be through the tendering process according to the Board’s purchasing policy.   
6. When the cafeteria services are tendered, provision will be made in the agreement for the following:  
     (a) annual renewal with a reasonable time limit, 
     (b) use of the facilities for student program purposes,  
     (c) catering  for  other  school and school related functions,  
     (d) staff suitable for working with secondary school students, and  
     (e) the setting of prices.  
7. Each contract with a caterer/vending machine operator may provide for a commission of gross sales which shall be deposited to the general school account to be used under the direction of the principal, in consultation with the student council/Catholic School Advisory Committee for the general good of the school.  
8. The operation of the cafeteria food services when tendered shall be at the risk of the caterer/ vending machine operator and the Board shall be indemnified against any loss by an appropriate insurance contract.