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TCDSB Policy Register  


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18 Feb 93
June 6, 2006
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It is the policy of the Toronto Catholic District School Board that staff in its employ, when told of a student pregnancy, shall:
·  respond with respect, compassion and love,
·  support unequivocally the rights of the child in the womb, 
· assist  the student’s decision-making by providing information and support,
· make a concerted effort to involve the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) in the decision-making process,
· encourage the student to continue her education within the TCDSB school system and to maintain her career plans.   
1. A pregnant student’s right to privacy shall be safeguarded as much as possible.  Involvement of her parent(s) or guardian(s) through disclosure at an appropriate time and in an appropriate manner is generally to be sought. Educators will attempt through ongoing counselling to secure voluntary disclosure by the student.  
2. If compelling circumstances affect the physical or psychological health of a student, a parent, guardian or other advocate must be informed of the pregnancy.  
3. Educators shall support Catholic teaching that the child in the womb is human, and has rights equal to those of a human being after birth.
4. A loving, affirming environment, which includes guidance respectful of the teachings of Jesus, shall be made available to a pregnant student.  
5. A pregnant student shall be encouraged to attend classes as long as she is comfortable with doing so 
6. Should a pregnant student no longer wish to attend school, this school system shall make alternative arrangements for the continuation of her education for a reasonable period of time before and after birth.