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TCDSB Policy Register   


International Languages Program (Elementary) S.P.05

Date Approved:
Dates of Amendment:
November 13, 2003 – Board Meeting
July 9, 2001 – Board Meeting; Nov. 1996; Jan 1995; Oct. 1986; May 1978; Sept. 1977.
Cross Reference:


The TCDSB shall establish International Languages Programs where warranted: 
1. On an extended school day basis; OR
2. On an after school and/or weekend basis;  
subject to the following regulations: 


1. Classes may be established upon the written request of a Catholic School Advisory Council, or the local school community, or upon the recommendation of the principal to the area superintendent of education. 
2. An after school hours and/or weekend International Languages class may be established where there are a minimum of 25 pre-registered students from any division in a given language.  
3. Types of Classes: 
(a) International Languages classes shall be offered outside of the regular school hours of instruction.  
(b) Notwithstanding a) above, classes shall be offered on an extended day basis where the parents of 67% of the students attending the school request the classes on an extended school day basis. 
4. Viability of Existing Programs:
(a) Schools which currently offer the Extended Day Program may request through their CSAC that the Board consider conducting a survey of that local school community to determine the feasibility of their International Language Program.  If as a result of the needs assessment, certain International Languages Programs or the International Language Program in the school is recommended to be reduced, a report will be submitted to Board on the impact the reduction would have on the jobs of the International Languages Instructors. 
(b) Prior to surveying the local school community to determine parent support for an International Languages Program, the matter shall be fully discussed with the Catholic School Advisory Council. At such meeting the implications (pro and con) for the students in implementing an extended day or outside of school hours program are to be reviewed.  
(c) Where the extended day program is considered viable for the following year, the International Languages Program may continue.
(d) Where the extended day program is not viable for the following school year, the area superintendent of education and principal shall inform the local school community at a meeting, and an effort will be made to continue classes in an after school hours/weekend program.
5. New Programs:
(a) School communities will also be surveyed, upon request of their Catholic School Advisory Committees to determine if a new Extended Day Program will be provided.  
(b) All requests shall be forwarded through the principal and the area superintendent of education and processed through the Special Services Division.  
6. (a) In every school where an International Languages Program is to be offered on an  extended day basis, the principal and the area superintendent of education will ensure that there will be a minimum of five hours instruction in addition to the International Languages Program,  
(b) Provision will be made for the learning activities for those exempted.     
7. The participation of a student in an International Languages Program will be mandatory, (Students with an IEP or English As A Second Language students may be exempted upon parental request).  Parents must complete and sign the Initial Student Registration form.   
8. A fee of $15.00 per year per student enrolled in the Extended Day program will be included in the budget of the program. 
9. Transportation to and from International Languages Programs is a parental responsibility.
10. Regular full time classroom teachers may not be employed to teach an International Languages Program except after 6 p.m. on a school day and on days when the school is not in session.  
11. International languages instructors shall be hired according to the requirements for employment of the instructional staff of TCDSB.

Protocol / Procedures for Policy 
A: Existing Programs  
1. The approved preliminary protocol being used is as follows:  
· It is understood that a request for a survey shall be for extenuating circumstances only. 
· Requests for a survey will come to the Director of Education from the school’s Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC) through a letter to the local Superintendent of Education. The Superintendent of Education, Special Services and the Superintendent of Education for the school will prepare a report for the Board. 
· Minutes of the CSAC meeting where the request was discussed, including the motion for a survey, which was moved and seconded, will be attached to the letter of request. 
· The school community will be made aware that they can make a delegation before the Board of Trustees with respect to this request outlining the rationale for the request. 
· The local trustee will be informed by the CSAC of the intent of the community to request a survey. 
· While the CSAC may initiate the process at any time, the report to the Trustees will be submitted annually, no later than March of any given year. 
· The Board of Trustees will determine if there is a sufficient need to grant the request and approve accordingly. 
· A needs assessment committee representing parents on both sides of the issue (maximum of four) and school principal will oversee the distribution of the surveys and the tallying of the results. The tallying of results will be scrutinized by the local school superintendent where required. 
· The needs assessment is to be sent to parents of students in grades JK - 7 in the school community and a response of at least 90% of the parents is required. 
2. The results of the survey will be compiled and any changes to the languages offered or continued viability of the program would take effect in the subsequent September of that year.  
B:        New Programs 
1. New programs will be governed by the new policy S.P. 05 – 5(a), (b).  
(a) School communities will also be surveyed, upon request of their Catholic School Advisory Councils to determine if a new Extended Day Program will be provided.   
(b) All requests shall be forwarded through the principal and the area Superintendent of Education and processed through the Special Services Department.   
For any information regarding this protocol or the policy, please contact the Coordinator Community Relations, 416-222-8282, ext. 2591.