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TCDSB Policy Register 




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Dates of Amendment:
Feb 73
June 6, 2006
16 Jun 88
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Transportation may be  provided  for  pupils  to  and  from  an activity  or  program  when  such  activity  or  program is not available  in  the  home  school  and  is  considered  by   the Toronto Catholic District School Board to be:
1.  part of the school curriculum; or   
2. necessary for the program modification needs of the pupil as determined by an IPRC or  appropriate  Supervisory Officer.  
     (i) Transportation may be provided in the form of T.T.C.  Tickets, or home-to-school/school-to-school busing, whichever is the most appropriate response. 
     (ii) Programs which are considered to fall within  this  policy are:  
(a) English as a Second Language/Dialect;  
(b) Physical Education;     
(c) Family Studies/Design Technology; 
(d) Variety Village; and    
(e) Programs described in  the  Education  Act,   Revised  1990, Subsection 190 (3):
    (i) Ontario School for the Blind;  
    (ii) Ontario School for the Deaf;    
    (iii) A  demonstration  school established or operated under an agreement with the Minister for  pupils with
           severe learning disabilities;   
    (iv) A  centre classified as a Group K hospital under the Public Hospitals Act;   
    (v) A facility designated  under  the  Developmental Services Act;  
    (vi) A  psychiatric facility designated as such under the Mental Health Act; and 
    (vii) A place approved under the Child and Family Services Act.