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Role of Trustees

Who are Trustees and Why are they Important?

Trustees, as the governing body of the School Board, have a vital role in setting policy, establishing a budget that focuses on student achievement and well-being, and in providing strategic direction for the Board as a whole. They are locally-elected representatives of the public, and they are the community’s advocate for public education. A trustee participates in making decisions that benefit the entire board district while representing the views and decision of the board back to their constituents. 

What do Trustees Do? 

Advocate: Trustees promote and protect Catholic education – with our partners and the community at large. 
How? Trustees attend parent council and school community meetings and represent the ward at the Board and in the community. Trustees ensure that the Provincial Curriculum is taught by Catholic Teachers from a Catholic perspective. 
Facilitator: Trustees ensure fair processes in resolving student, parent, and school issues. 
How? Trustees work with senior staff and partners - where needed - to identify and bring together those who can best resolve the identified issue. Trustees improve policy or process through board motions where a gap has been shown to exist and ensure active collaboration between home, school and parish. 
Governance: Trustees develop and continue to improve the framework in place for effective and transparent decision making for our students. 
How? Working with trustee colleagues and our Director, and through membership on the Governance & Policy Committee. 
Strategic Planner: The Board of Trustees has responsibility for developing the Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan, approving our annual budget and for supporting our board’s mission and vision. 
Policy Maker: Trustees develop, maintain and monitor policies which embed our Gospel values while enabling student and system success, as well as regularly evaluating the impact and effectiveness of these policies and making adjustments where necessary.

Addressing Questions and Concerns 

TCDSB has established policies and procedures to ensure that parents will have their questions and concerns addressed in a timely manner. Trustees are always willing to listen to parental concerns, especially those pertaining to Board policy. Trustees will refer parents to the following protocol with respect to individual school-based concerns: 
Your classroom teacher and/or school principal is the first point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have. 
Should you need further assistance, your local Superintendent of Education is available to assist you. 
The Director of Education is always available for consultation and assistance with unresolved issues. 

Help us Nurture the Gift of Catholic Education 

Declare yourself as an “English Separate School Supporter” on your property tax assessment to ensure that our provincial government continues to fund Catholic Education. There is no difference in the amount you pay for Catholic or Public school support. Every time you move residence, you must declare yourself an English-separate school supporter/elector. 

Please check your registration by calling the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) at 1-866-296-6722, or visit their website

You may also get an Application for Direction of School Support by calling the TCDSB Assessment Office at 416-222-8282 ext. 2666, or by visiting the Assessment Department​.​