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Curriculum Resources


Earth Hour Campaign Kit
EcoSchools Energy Conservation Learning Activities - Grade 1-8
EcoSchools Energy Inputs and Outputs - Grade 1
Ecoschools Renewable or Non-Renewable Energy - Grade 5
EcoSchools Comparing Light Bulbs - Grade 6 
EcoSchools Trapping Energy - Grade 7
EcoSchools Embeded Energy - Grade 8
EcoSchools Active Citizenship Learning Activity - Grade 10 Open
EcoSchools School Appliance Audit Instructions
EcoSchools 2017-2018 Certification Guide
EcoSchools EcoReview Energy Conservation
EcoSchools Energy Conservation Walkabout Worksheet
EcoSchools Energy Consumption Assessment
National Energy Education Development Project 2017-2018 - Primary
National Energy Education Development Project 2017-2018 - Elementary
National Energy Education Development Project 2017-2018 - Intermediate
National Energy Education Development Project 2017-2018 - Secondary


Excel Format EcoSchools Lights out Calculator and Lighting Assessment:

Lights Out Calculator_EcoSchools Lighting Assessment- Final.xlsx 


Canadian Geographic Energy Education Resource

Canadian Geographic Energy Lesson Plans


Natural Resources Canada - CanmetEnergy

Natural Resources Canada - Activity Books

Natural Resources Canada - Classroom Games


Seeds Foundation

The SEEDS Foundation provides easy to use energy and environmental education programs that are fit with provincial and territorial curricula. SEEDS Energy Literacy Series is a web-based secondary school program that students and teachers use to explore the sources, uses, and issues of ten energy sources.


Conservation for Kids

By Home Advisor, multiple links on the site to information and activities.