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Active and Sustainable Transportation

As the number of children being driven to schools for short trips continues to grow, community streets and spaces where children gather have greater congestion which contributes to traffic safety and air quality issues. Consistent with the papal encyclical Laudato​ Si, where Pope Francis speaks to our responsibility to the environment, The Toronto Catholic District School Board is committed to ensuring that children have an opportunity to play and engage in healthy exercise, while fostering their independence in a fresh air.

School Transportation Management Planning

The attention we pay to transportation is evident every morning and every afternoon in the City of Toronto on our way to and from school / work. We battle gridlock and traffic on our way to and from work and the roads and parking lots around our schools become congested to the point of frustration. What can we do as an organization to minimize this frustration? Can the TCDSB solve these issues on our own? No.

What the TCDSB can do is to understand our employees and school families and provide them with the tools to make positive transportation decisions that are in their best interest. As a shared responsibility the TCDSB can with other levels of Government, other public / private organizations, and individuals make choices that when done in conjunction will improve the quality of life for those of us within the greater Toronto Area.

Learn more about School Travel Plans to encourage walking or riding to school:

School Walking Programs

The benefits and life-long advantages, both physically, mentally and spiritually of walking are not to be taken lightly. Our children need to appreciate and understand this premise as early as possible and it is in our schools that the concept needs to be filtered through.

Walking offers an easy physical activity that does not require equipment. Its benefits for our students are numerous:

  • It increases the physical activity level for students and thus helps with healthy weights.
  • It gives the mind a rest and lets the body work thus helping with academic performance and concentration when studies resume.
  • Walking can reduce stress and anxiety. Students will likely come back from a walk in a different frame of mind-it benefits your mood!
  • It allows students to socialize and recognize that they have exercised without realizing it.

Learn more in our Walk This Way flyer!