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​Water: Our Gift, Our Responsibility, Our Opportunity

The TCDSB promotes the elimination of bottled water, including the sale and distribution of bottled water, in its schools and offices.  This is the result of a student-lead initiative brought to the Board of Trustees and passed at its meeting on April 20, 2011.


Student leaders have investigated the bottled water industry and have identified serious, life threatening issues regarding the lack of access to clean drinking water in many countries. As a result, a student-led appeal was brought to the Board of Trustees in 2010 and a motion to promote the elimination of the sale and distribution of bottled water was later passed at the April 20, 2011 meeting.


The Toronto Catholic District School Board facilities provide free access to safe tap water.  As you know, the TCDSB Occupational Health and Safety Department regularly tests our tap water to ensure it complies with the rigid standards set by the Ministry of the Environment.


Where and when it is feasible and safe to do so, we urge parents, students and staff to use tap water as much and as often as possible.  We encourage you to utilize canteens, pitchers and recyclable glassware throughout the school day and at school events, whenever possible. 

Let everyone who is thirsty come,
Let anyone who wishes, take the water of life as a gift.”
Revelation 22:17

Is your Tap Leaking?

A Leaky faucet can lead to lots of wasted water, and should be reported to the Schools Facility Staff as soon as possible. If ​the school is unable to complete the repairs, or if you have additional inquiries please contact us at:​.​