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Advisory Committee for

Spanish-Speaking Communities 


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Terms of Reference 


The Advisory Committee For Spanish-Speaking Communities shall have the responsibility for advising the Board of Trustees and staff of the Toronto Catholic District School Board on matters pertaining to the following:   


1. The continuity of the plan and recommendations accepted by the Board at its meeting of May 22, 2012;   

2. The consultation with and the engagement of the larger Spanish-speaking communities in regards to student achievement;   

3. The assessment of the effectiveness of steps taken to improve the academic success and well being of students of Spanish-speaking background;  

4. The recommendations for programs, services and advocacy;   

5. Recommend the identification and allocation of funds for the implementation of identified strategies and programs;   
6. Provide a review of the impact of the implementation of recommendations (items 4-5);   
7. The sharing of best practices across the Toronto Catholic District School Board;   
8. To meet a minimum of four times per year as an advisory committee with TCDSB staff and the two trustees appointed by the board;  
9. Sharing and circulation of information, resources, tools, statistics, and support available.   

                                   Composition of Advisory Committee

Maximum 7 representatives of the community to include:

  •   ​3 TCDSB parents
  •   2 community organization representatives
  •   1 TCDSB High School student nominated by CSLIT
  •  1 Post-Secondary student who is a graduate of TCDSB   


                                        Qualifications of Members
  •    All positions are voluntary; 
  •         Members must be of Spanish-speaking background;
  •     Various expertise represented; and 
  •     Gender parity and diversity represented.   


                                                 Terms of Service

The term will be 3 years.   Maximum 2 consecutive terms of 3 years. The committee will review membership and may consider the removal upon missing two consecutive meetings.   


                                     Nomination and Selection Process

As per Board policy, public notice of the positions and process for selection of Hispanic-Canadian Advisory community members shall be advertised in CPIC bulletins and TCDSB newsletters 

Community members will recommend the nominated candidates for Board approval.  Application forms will be brought to the committee members for review.   



Aside from those responsibilities outlined in the Terms of Reference, committee members shall attend no less than 50% of the community members’ preparation meetings (to take place prior to Advisory Committee meetings).