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African Canadian Heritage Month 

February 2019


TCDSB Mass and Cultural Exposé in Commemoration of African Canadian Heritage Mon​th ​

February 8, 2019

Cardinal Carter Academy of the Arts 
The day will feature Mass, cultural exposés highlighting various contributions from the diaspora, and special guest poet, speaker, and author Nadine Williams​

African Inventors and Innovators Museum 

February 4 - 23, 2019 

The Museum will be travelling to schools across TCDSB throughout Black History Month - find a date near you:



Monday, February 4th
St. Richard Catholic School
690 Bellamy Rd. N., Scarborough 
​Monday, February 4th -
Tuesday, February 5th​
​Catholic Education Centre Atrium
80 Sheppard Ave. E. 
​Tuesday, February 12th ​St. Oscar Romero Catholic Secondary School
99 Humber Blvd S., York 
​Wednesday, February 13th All Saints Catholic School
1415 Royal York Rd., Etobicoke​
​Tuesday, February 19th  ​Michael Power/St. Joseph High School
105 Eringate Dr., Etobicoke
​Tuesday, February 26th Monsignor Percy Johnson Catholic Secondary School
2170 Kipling Ave., Etobicoke
Wednesday, February 27th ​St. Francis Xavier Catholic School​
53 Gracefield Ave., North York
To learn more about the Museum, watch this video: 

Guest Speaker: Orlando Bowan 

Tuesday, February 19th

James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School

1440 Finch Ave. W., North York

Orlando Bowen is a keynote speaker focused on equipping people to get off the sidelines and become difference-makers on their teams and in the lives of those around them. He  delivers inspirational assemblies, workshops and team-building activities that engage, inspire and empower young people. These engagements are designed to equip youth with practical tools and the necessary understanding that they need to identify their passions, empower youth to develop resilience and to use their talents to make a difference.​​

G.I.A. Productions

Tuesday, February 19th - St. Pope John Paul II Catholic Secondary School​

Tuesday, February 26th - Monsignor Percy Johnson Catholic Secondary School​

In its 6th year, G.I.A. Productions will once again, bring forth the opportunities to "edutain"-educate and entertain-many audiences about the issues of the African diaspora through the Art of slam poetry and dramatization. For the 2019 repertoire, we will be bringing back by popular demand, "Shades of You" and "What's in a Word". 
Each performance will include a showing of a clips from acclaimed documentaries, such as Bill Duke's Dark Girls, a panel discussion with panelists represented from your event location's demographics in addition to the dramatic performances by G.I.A. Production's cast. Each performance has a running time of 60 minutes.​

Shades of You

Shades of You is a short skit written in the genre of speaker's theatre (also called litany), that explores the ideology surrounding skin tone bias commonly known as Shadeism. It begins with a confrontation between two characters representing opposite ends on the continuum of skin complexion of individuals of African heritage. The history of this social phenomenon (shadeism) is then presented in an engaging way, as humorous and emotional dialogue concerning the impact of skin tone bias on Canadian, American, and Caribbean societies commences between the characters. The piece closes with the characters understanding that difference should not be hated or merely tolerated, but rather, celebrated. Several shades within the skin tone spectrum are given the spotlight, and praised for the unique qualities that they possess. Given the prevalence of derogatory and divisive comments and other harmful messages concerning skin tone bias on social media currently, Shades of You encourages viewing audiences to take a critical look at an important issue that very rarely receives the attention that it deserves.

What's in a Word?

What's in a Word is a piece written and delivered in the dynamic art form of Slam Poetry/Spoken Word. The piece fuses street vernacular and academic language to unpack the etymology of the N-word and the well documented debate concerning its usage in music and everyday conversation. Strong and insightful arguments in favour of and against the continued usage of the word are made in a showdown between two different schools thought through clever word play and references to historical and current events. What's in a Word gives voice to a variety of widely held points of view on this extremely controversial issue, providing individual audience members with the opportunity to see themselves represented in the discourse while encouraging them to give respectful consideration to the thoughts and opinions held by others as well. ​  


African Inventors and Innovators Museum

On Monday, February 4, students visited the CEC to view the African Investors and Innovators Museum. Director of Education, Rory McGuckin, kicked off the event with opening remarks, and Nadine Williams, an author and poet, performed songs and poems. Students then browsed the displays and shared their learnings with one another.

Please click here to download an African Heritage Month poster.
February is Afrin Canadian Heritage Month
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