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Frequently Asked Questions - SEMS


1) How do I retrieve my P.I​.N. #? 

Call the SEMS computer at 393-5000. When prompted Press* 
Indicate you are calling as an employee (press 3) 
Enter your S.I.N.#. Press 1 (to review P.I.N.#)

2) How do I request a particular supply? 

The system asks if you wish to request a particular supply(Press 1)…When prompted enter the telephone number of the supply (7 digits only...NO AREA CODE) and *key. This is the supply special I.D. Please note that you can only request a certified supply teacher

3) Can I change my work location and classification on SEMS? 

To change your job location and (or) classification on SEMS, call the SEMS help line at 222-8282 ext.5344.

4) How can I find out if a supply has been assigned to my class? 

Call the SEMS computer at 393-5000, and select the option to review an absence 
(Press 5).  The system will give you the job information, and then indicate if a 
substitute has been assigned or if it is continuing to search for a substitute.

5) Why do I need a Job Number? 

A Job Number is your verification that your absence has been recorded, and that 
the system will call out for a substitute as indicated.

6) What do I do with the Job Number? 

Record and keep the Job Number as a record or proof that you did report your absence.

7) How will the supply know that I work ​at two locations? 

The system will ask if you wish to record special instructions (Press 1). Say the name of the school that you work at the beginning of the school day (state the time your class begins) and the name of the school that you go to next, and the time that your class begins at that location.

8) How do I cancel a Job? 

A Job Number can only be cancelled before the start time of the job. Call the 
System at 393-5000 and select the prompt to review or cancel a Job (Press 5). 
You must listen to the information on the j​ob and then the system will ask if you 
wish to cancel the job (Press 5). To confirm the cancellation, press 1.

9) How do I enter a half a day or multiple​ days absence? 

Select Option 7. Enter the start date and the start time of the absence using the key pad on the telephone, then enter the end date and the end time of the absence using the key pad on the telephone. enter a morning only absence, enter the start date(10/12 ) the start time as 9:00 a.m. then enter the end date (10/12) and the end time would be 12:00 p.m.  An absence for Oct.12 for the morning only would be entered.

10) Why is SEMS not accepting the reason for absence? 

The reason for absence is always two digits.  e.g…code 10 is for personal illness followed by the * key. If you enter one digit you will activate the menu prompts. When you press the * key the menu will stop and the system will repeat “Please enter the reason for absence.”​