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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Mentoring Moments 

The Mentoring Moments monographs, created by the Ministry of Education, provide a variety of strategies for mentors to support new teachers.




October/November 2014:  Teach Ontario MentoringMomentsOctNov2014Mentors.pdfMentoring Moments October/November 2014
January/February 2015:  Kayak Learning MentoringMomentsJanFeb2015Mentors.pdfMentoringMomentsJanFeb2015Mentors.pdf
April/May 2015:  Tools for Our Toolkit MentoringMomentsAprilMay2015Mentors.pdfMentoringMomentsAprilMay2015Mentors.pdf





September 2013:  Building Effective Mentoring Relationships MentoringMomentsSeptember2013.pdfMentoring Moments September 2013
October 2013: Professional Learning Resources for Mentors MentoringMomentsOctober2013.pdfMentoring Moments October 2013
November 2013: Authentic Learning for NTIP Teachers & Mentors MentoringMomentsNovember2013.pdfMentoring Moments November 2013
January 2014: Mentoring Our Mentors MentoringMomentsJanuary2014.pdfMentoring Moments January 2014
March 2014: Measuring the Impact of NTIP MentoringMomentsMarch2014.pdfMentoring Moments March 2014
April 2014: Learning Together MentoringMomentsApril2014.pdfMentoring Moments April 2014
June 2014:  Listening & Learning MentoringMomentsJune2014.pdfMentoring Moments June 2014




September 2012:  Goal Setting Conversations and More
October 2012:  Roles and Stances of an Effective Mentor
Mentoring Moments October 2012
November 2012:  Powerful Designs for Mentoring MentoringMomentsNovember2012.pdfMentoring Moments ​November 2012
December 2012: Online Resources to Foster  Learning and Growth MentoringMomentsDecember2012.pdfMentoring Moments December 2012
January/February 2013: Practical Monthly Ideas for Mentors MentoringMomentsFebruary2013.pdfMentoring Moments February 2013
March 2013: Classroom Observation and Debriefing for NTIP Teachers and Mentors MentoringMomentsMarch2013.pdfMentoring Moments March 2013
April 2013: Using Appreciative Inquiry as a Tool for Reflection and Growth​​ MentoringMomentsApril2013.pdfMentoring Moments April 2013




October 2011:  The Power of Listening
November 2011:  Differentiating Professional Learning
December 2011:  Making Classroom Observation Meaningful
January 2012:  Building Effective Mentoring Relationships
February 2012: Practical Tools for Mentors
March 2012:  Principal Engagement in the NTIP and TPA
April 2012:  Teacher Leadership
May 2012:  Learning Focused Conversations MentoringMomentsMay2012.pdf Mentoring Moments May 2012