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TCDSB Staff Directory Help
The TCDSB Staff Directory contains contact information for all TCDSB employees. Casual staff and staff on leave are not included. Work locations, telephone numbers, and email addresses are available for almost 10,000 teaching and support staff.
About Searching 
Search input fields: 
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • School / Department pull-down list  
Please enter search criteria in at least one of these fields.   Text can be directly typed into the Last Name and First Name fields. The search results will list any on whose first or last names contains the search criteria.  You may make an entry/selection using any combination of the three search fields. Only those records matching all of the entered/selected search critearia will be listed.
Search citeria entered in the First/Last name fi
Specifying a School / Department
To specify a school / department, make a selection  from the drop-down list box containing all locations in the TCDSB. 
If you do not know the location of your the staff member(s) you are searching for, leave the drop-down list box set to the empty/blank row.
Searching with Multiple Criteria
If you enter information in more than one field, the directory will find records that fulfill all the criteria.  For example, if you enter Maclean for last name and Gordon for first name, the results will contain everyone named Gordon Maclean.  If you want to find everyone named Gordon, including Gordon Maclean, do not enter anything in the last name field.  
The directory is not case-sensitive, which means you do not have to worry about the capitalization of search criteria.
You can also show entire staff lists for specific locations.  To do this, leave the first name and last name fields blank, and choose the appropriate location in the location field. 
Search Examples:
​Last Name ​First Name ​Location ​Search Results
​Nemes ​Everyone who's last name contains "Nemes"
​mary ​Mary Nemes, Margret-Mary Jones
​wilson ​All Saints ​Terry Wilson (teacher at All Saints)
​ivan ​Everyone who's first name contains "ivan"
 (eg. named Ivan, Ivanka, Ivana, Ivano, etc.)
​All Saints ​Everyone at All Saints
Search Results
The search results consist of a name, email icon, location, job, telephone number(s). For staff who have e-mail, you can click on the email icon to send e-mail to that person. For some locations such as schools, you can click on the location name to go to the web page or website of that location.
To print a search results page, right-click anywhere on the box containing the search results.  A menu will appear.  Select Print.