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Christina Walters Endowment for the Arts
Principal and interest earned on a principal donation of $17,400.00, as well as on any further contributions to the Christina Walters Endowment for the Arts, is to be used annually to subsidize and encourage the exposure of junior division students of Canadian Martyrs Catholic School to the arts, which may include theatre, dance, music, photography, craft, visual or media arts.
1.      A principal amount of $17,400.00, or such amount as reported annually, shall be maintained in the current accounts of the Board.
2.      An annual amount based on the interest earned or on the requirements of the project, as approved by the Selection Panel, will be given to Canadian Martyrs Catholic School to fund a project for students in the junior division.
3.      At the beginning of each academic year, teachers and students will be asked to submit proposals for that year’s project. Multi-disciplinary projects will be encouraged.
4.      The selection of the project will be made by a Selection Panel comprising the principal and one or two teachers from the school, and one or two representatives from the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s Arts Department. The Walters family, unless and until they otherwise request, shall be members of the Selection Panel and included in the selection of the project.
5.      Every project and participant shall be acknowledged in some format, such as with a plaque, or compilation of a video or photography documentation in book format, or as determined by the Selection Panel.
6.      If for any reason, the endowment is proposed to be discontinued, the Board will notify and consult the Walters family before any action is taken to discontinue the endowment, unless the discontinuation is at the request of the Walters family. Any remaining principal amount and interest accrued will be given, in Christina Walters’ memory, to the TCDSB Arts Department to be used to continue to support arts programs for TCDSB junior division students, with input from the Walters family.


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