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COVID-19 Vaccination Disclosure

The Government of Ontario implemented a COVID-19 immunization disclosure requirement for all publicly funded school boards for the 2021 - 2022 school year.

In addition to all school board employees, the immunization disclosure requirement will apply to any individuals who visit our schools on a regular basis, which may include: 

  • Trustees
  • Occasional teachers and staff​
  • Volunteers
  • Unpaid learners (such as student teachers)
  • Student transportation drivers
  • Individuals who provide professional services for children at school
  • Frequent visitors such as third-party contractors who regularly interact with or are in the presence of students and/or staff

TCDSB COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation Summary

The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) will post aggregated, depersonalized statistical COVID-19 vaccination attestation summary on this page.

​As of​​
October 15, 2021
Vaccination Rate
​Out of the total number of individuals applicable to the policy​: Out of the total number of individuals​ who have submitted an attestation​:
Full-Time Staff - ​90%​​​

Casual / Occasional Staff - 59%
Full-Time Staff - 92%​​

Casual / Occasional Staff - 89%

Attestation Summary

​​​ ​​​​ Full-Time School Board Employees and Trustees​ ​​ ​Casual / Occasional School Board Employees2 ​Other Individuals3
​# %​​ ​# %​ ​# %​
​Total number of individuals to which the policy will apply: ​9,510 100%​ ​3,560 100%​ 1,905​ 100%​
Total number of individuals who have attested to being fully vaccinated (with and without supporting documentation): ​8,514 90%​ ​2,116 59%​ 1,545​ 81%​
​Total number of individuals who provided a documented medical reason for not being fully vaccinated: 34 0.4%​ ​4 ​0% 17​ ​1%
The number of individuals who have not yet submitted an attestation form (if known)4: ​235 2%​ ​1,186 33% 86​ ​5%

1 Numbers may not add due to rounding.
2 Casual employees include occasional staff (teachers, secretaries, custodians, etc.) and lunch time supervisors.
3 Other non-employees that are frequently in schools or other settings and may have direct contact with students or staff (e.g. contractors, other professionals, and student transportation drivers).
4 All individual that are unvaccinated and unknown/undisclosed are required to have a negative Rapid Antigen Testing test result before entering a TCDSB site.