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COVID-19 Advisory

The Ministry of Education announced that given the widespread transmission of Omicron and changes to the provincial testing approach, schools and child care operators are no longer required to notify families of positive cases or if an individual is absent due to symptoms associated with COVID-19. 

Going beyond the Ministry expectation of reporting, if the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) is informed of a positive COVID-19 case (via rapid antigen test (RAT) or polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test) involving a member of the school, the cohort(s)/classroom(s) will be notified only as a courtesy. The TCDSB will also be posting known cases on the TCDSB COVID-19 Dashboard. 

COVID-19 Dashboard 

Following a Board of Trustees approved motion, the TCDSB is expecting staff and families to declare a positive RAT or PCR test in order to report positive cases locally and system wide. 

Reporting positive cases (via RAT or PCR test) involving a member of the school is a TCDSB initiative, not a provincial requirement. Cases are reported to TCDSB at the discretion of staff and families. Hence, case counts on the dashboard may not be reflective of the total number of individuals with COVID-19. 

The TCDSB is not affiliated with any third-party COVID-19 case trackers or case reporting websites that are available on social media or the Internet. The TCDSB does not provide information to these independent websites and does not validate the information they post. ​

Access the COVID-19 dashboard​. ​


Student and Staff Absentee Data

As per the Ministry of Education’s direction, schools are required to monitor their own absenteeism rates and report on student and staff absences. If absenteeism rises to a defined level (approximately 30% above their baseline) in schools, Toronto Public Health and the community will be notified (more details to come).

Visit the Government of Ontario website​ to access the absentee data.  ​​​