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Celebrating Our Education Support Staff

March 2, 2015


“School is one of the educational environments where one grows by learning how to live, how to become grown-up, mature men and women. … Following what St. Ignatius teaches us, the main element in school is learning to be magnanimous … This means having a big heart, having a greatness of soul. It means having grand ideals, the desire to achieve great things in response to what God asks of us and, precisely because of this, doing everyday things, all our daily actions, commitments, and meetings with people well. [It means] doing the little everyday things with a big heart that is open to God and to others.”—Pope Francis 

In our Catholic schools, students are inspired and nurtured to be the best they can be, regardless of any personal challenges they may have. This is achieved through the collaborative efforts of our support staff, our teachers, our parents and our parishes. 


We all share a passion for Catholic education, and a love for the young people who are entrusted to us. This commitment can be seen each and every day in our classrooms, and the personal interactions between students and staff in our schools.


Our support staff are invaluable in helping to shape caring, nurturing and safe learning environments for our students. Through their work, our most vulnerable students feel included, accepted and loved. Our staff provide them with encouragement, acknowledgement, supervision, assistance and guidance. They provide a caring shoulder and a compassionate ear.



The first Monday in March has been set aside as Education Support Staff Appreciation Day to highlight the invaluable work that is done by a diverse group of individuals to support student achievement and well-being.


We thank you for all that you do each and every day to help our students to engage fully in the life of the school, and to succeed in their endeavours.


We wish you continued success and God’s blessing on this important vocation of Catholic education.


Angela Gauthier                                              Michael Del Grande

Director of Education                                     Chair of the Board