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Strategies for Success
Tips & Hints

A strategy for success involves you doing some initial legwork to get a good sense of what you're in for.
Many of the following tips are applicable to all courses not just online learning. These tips use a common sense approach to any projects, essays, assignments, ISU, etc. Please read on!
Strategies for Success:
  • Transfer all Assignment Due date information to an accessible and often used organizing system (your day school agenda, your Iphone, blackberry, pocket techno 'thingamajigs'... :)
  • Sit down and walk through links connected with all upcoming assignments (never be surprised with the extent or magnitude of an upcoming assignment)- Nothing more scary than clicking and being surprised that a 1000 word formal essay is due tomorrow.
  • Take the time to create a course binder.  Print out all assignments expected along with the many links to reading where applicable. 
  • Do all preliminary work, whether it's being formally assessed or not- you are not simply looking for a mark in this course, you might want to come out of it prepared for University Level writing, thinking and analysis... Furthermore, chances are you aren't even going to get the mark if you don't take the steps to learn the material fully.
  • Get going on your ISP (if there is one in the course)asap!... It will take time to choose the topics you wish to work with. .  It will take time to research topic and decide the approach your thesis might take.
  • Don't leave things to the last minute.
  • Read, Read and when you're done reading...READ SOME MORE!
  • Use the Student Forum (In the discussion board area)... learning happens in numbers.
  • Do the Discussion Board tasks...(learning happens in numbers)
  • Obtain the texts and materials you need in time for all assignments.
  • Talk about your course with other students at your day school who are taking the course as well.  Virtual classrooms are excellent, but there are aspects of learning it can't satisfy.
    For example, you may want to Talk about Hamlet (if you are taking an English Course) at a coffee shop with real people... ! The idea is to make the course as real and interactive as possible for yourself.
  • Spend at least 6 hours a week (minimum) on this course.
Adapted from Mr. Di Zio's List