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Toronto Catholic District School Board



What is eLearning?
eLearning takes advantage of the Internet to deliver curriculum. You will use the Learning Management System Brightspace by D2L to take your online courses, receive assignments, work cooperatively with your classmates, communicate with your teacher and submit assignments. Taking an ecourse will give you the opportunity to attend class at anytime from anywhere as long as an Internet connection is available. Attendance is taken on login.

Although you may never actually meet your classmates, you will not be working alone. Classes are asynchronous, which means there are no scheduled times to be online. However, students are required to do the same type assignments that you would expected to do in a regular class. You have readings, projects, papers, quizzes, etc. And, you often have group projects which require you to work with other students in a “virtual” environment. Communication and interaction is very important in ecourses. We use an announcement center, threaded discussions, email, and other online communication tools. Your teacher may often communicate with you or your parents via the telephone and email. Although most students never actually see each other, or the teacher, the level of interaction in online classes is actually often higher than in a regular classroom. You will be in constant contact with other members of your class and your teacher. Although you will decide when during the day to join the class, daily participation is required.


What technical skills do I need to take online courses?


Technical Requirements

  • You must be able to access a multi-media computer on a DAILY basis (a Pentium level machine that supports basic video and sound)
  • You must be able to access the Internet DAILY to complete class assignments, participate in discussions, review announcements and check email.
  • Computer and Internet access can be from home, school or a public library.
  • You must have an email address (any type will do).
  • You may need to access the computer for extended periods of time throughout the course.
  • Keep this in mind when you are booking computer time at your school or public library.

Computer skills

  • Taking a course online is not something that requires that you be a "computer expert" and technical help will be offered if you encounter any problems. However there are certain computer skills that we suggest you have to help you better concentrate on the class, rather than struggle with the technology. 
Basic Skills
  • Familiar with the operating system of the computer being used to access the Internet course
  • Understand terms such as mouse, drag, open, select, file, choose, double-click, download, upload, send, etc
  • Save, copy and find files/folders on floppy and hard drives
  • Navigate between two or more applications without closing and re-opening (multitasking)
  • Minimize/maximize Windows

Email Skills
  • Send, open, reply to, and forward a message
  • Enter a message subject
  • Send an attachment
  • Open and/or save an attachment
Web Browser Skills
  • Go to a specific URL
  • Print a page
  • Follow a hypertext link
  • Conduct a basic search using a search engine
  • Download and install plug-ins
Word Processor Skills
  • Open a new file
  • Open an existing file
  • Save a file
  • Rename a file (Save As)
  • Cut, paste, format text
  • Print a document

Is eLearning for Me?

eCourses can provide opportunities for students to attend classes anytime from anywhere. You need to be self-motivated and be able to direct your own learning to fulfill course requirements and achieve academic success.