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EarlyON Program Highlights​


Since you know your child and community best, we see families as co-educators and co-learners in the program. We invite YOU to be actively involved in our centres activities by engaging in learning through play with your child, sharing your feedback & experiences with others and participating in the program.
We see you as your child’s first teacher – you have an important role to play!


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We believe children are curious, competent & capable thinkers who learn best at their own pace when they are fully engaged through exploration, play and inquiry. It is important for all children & families to feel a sense of belonging, connectedness, and have opportunities to communicate and contribute as a part of the group & community. We use various tools to enhance all areas of skills and development in a holistic way through use of a resource by the Ministry of Education “How Does Learning Happen?” about building the foundations of learning through relationships and through Reggio Emilia inspired programming to engage children & families in a meaningful way.

Getting Ready for School


Being located in TCDSB schools, we work in partnership with school teams to meet the needs and early learning development of young children & their families in the community. Children who visit the EarlyON Child and Family Centres have the opportunity to experience a school setting, meet school staff, the Principal, Kindergarten teachers & child care staff. The EarlyON​ Child and Family Centres may participate in school events, activities and experiences – all to help create an environment of community and seamlessness for both children & families in preparation for school entry.


                                                                      Community Partnerships 


St. Leo (Mar2).jpgWe work together with local community agencies & professionals who provide additional supports for families. They are often invited to visit the centre to provide information sessions, additional resources and answer any questions parents/caregivers may have. Some of the community agencies/services are as follows; early identification & child development agencies, speech & language services, crisis intervention services, Newcomer or cultural specific service agencies, police & fire stations, housing, family services, social work, public libraries, settlement services, public health, medical clinics, dental offices, food banks, hospitals, community centres and more!


Resources and Information

There are a variety of books & community resources available to families in different languages on topics relating to parenting, child development, health nutrition, community links, summer activities, literacy, pre-natal, behavior guidance and family. We also provide a book lending service for families to borrow books to take home to enjoy.


Relationships are significant in providing a supportive, caring, positive environment which helps strengthen good brain development in children in the early years who are then better able to self-regulate, gain confidence and independence, creating optimal learning for the transition into school. Strong connections between home, community partners and schools all play an important part in supporting healthy environments for children to grow, develop and gain a sense of well-being on their life long journey of learning!



We are so glad you are here! This is your place!​