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Featured Parent/Caregiver Tip

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Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Time to scooch our little 4 year olds out of the nest as they get ready to start their educational journey in the wonderful world of Kindergarten!

 The days of changing diapers and mashing carrots are a distance memory. I know, it seems like only yesterday our little ones were wobbling from chair to chair and uttering their first words. Blot those tears, Mom and Dad, your preschoolers will soon be off to the big leagues!

No need to be overwhelmed – it’s not a daunting as it may seem. We believe children are competent, capable of complex thinking, curious, rich in potential (Ministry of Education, 2014).  They are resilient, astounding people!  With your encouragement, and the support of the kind/caring kindergarten staff, they will adjust in no time!      

Here are a few helpful tips to help with the transition:

·       Begin to have conversations about kindergarten.  This allows children to mentally prepare for this big step!

v Talk about what s/he may expect –  You can even use puppets and pretend play to build confidence and problem solve any anxieties


·        Go for a walk to the school; play in the school yard or playground; listen to the school bells…

v Be sure to ask your school for the date/time of their Welcome to Kindergarten events


·       Visit your local library or EarlyON Centre to borrow book about kindergarten. Some titles include:

v   The Kissing Hand –  Audrey Penn

v Pet the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes – James Dean

v First Day Jitters – Julie Danneberg

v Kindergarten Rocks – Katie Davis


·       Help your child recognize his/her name

v On this website, Scholastic provides 5 simple, fun ideas and activities to boost your little one's name-reading ability.


·       Establish healthy routines

v Check out our parent/caregiver featured tip on Healthy Routines at Home


Our EarlyON Facilitators will be happy to provide you with additional tips and print resources on Kindergarten Readiness. 

Please feel free to browse through some of the other resourc​es below: 

Other Useful Links and Resources:

·       Toronto Public Health: A Healthy Start to School


·       Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development: School Transition: Starting on the Right Foot


·       Best Start: Learning to Play and Playing to Learn: Getting Ready for School


· Packing Healthy Lunches & Snacks


·       Ministry of Education:  Full-Day Kindergarten: Preparing Your Child​