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Welcome to Kindergarten

Preparing Children for a Successful Start to School

It is natural that starting school can cause mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety for children and families. Before beginning this new adventure, parents/guardians can prepare their child by:
  • Visiting the school during an open house, Education week or other special event.
  • Visiting the Kindergarten classroom and meeting the teacher.
  • Involving the child in activities that promote learning in the community (e.g., local library programs, The Ontario Early Years Centres).
  • Talking positively about school and school-related activities.
  • Reading and discussing books about school and making new friends.
  • Walking or driving to school before the first day to practice the route.
  • Talking through any fears or concerns about starting school.
  • Establishing a routine a few weeks before beginning school. 
Parents are encouraged to speak to their child’s teacher if there any concerns or questions regarding adjustment to school.
Parents/guardians can support a successful transition from home to school by ensuring that their child:
  • All schools have implemented a blue and white dress code policy which is the TCDSB school uniform.  
  • Dresses in clothes that are easily managed, comfortable, labeled with his/her name and appropriate for the weather 
  • Manages dressing and undressing himself/herself (e.g., putting on and taking off jackets and shoes) 
  • Responds to his/her name 
  • Attends to his/her own toileting needs 
  • Respects other people and materials 
  • Has an early, regular bedtime and is well-rested 
  • Brings a small, healthy (nut-free) snack for school each day 
  • Understands daily arrival and dismissal procedures 
  • Arrives on time for school each day. ​ ​​​​​​​​