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5 Days of SPACE - STEAM and Astronomy!

STEAM is cross-curricular and demonstrates how ideas in different subject areas are connected and complementary.

Apply Design Thinking to your work this week

1.      Empathy         What are you creating? Why are you creating it? How will it benefit us?

2.      Definition       Once you have answered what/why/how, consolidate the information to create a direction for your creative energy

3.      Ideation          All ideas have merit, no idea is wrong; enjoy the freedom to be creative

4.      Prototype       Take your best ideas and combine to form strong designs.

5.      Test                 Prepare a clear, concise reflection of the work you have accomplished (e.g. short essay with illustrations, scale model, hand drawn or digital, etc.)


Day One

Create a one page W5H (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How) about satellites: Ensure it is factual, with interesting information, and great images.

Canadian Satellites

NASA: What is a satellite?

International Satellites supporting Disaster Management


Day Two

Design a Spacecraft 

Things to consider: piloted / unpiloted; short / long duration space travel; energy source; shielding; compartment organization, etc.

Various Piloted and unpiloted Spacecraft

NASA Parts of an Airplane Resource

Orion Spacecraft Desktop Model


Day Three

An Astronaut’s Diary

Research the daily routine of an astronaut on the International Space Station; be articulate, specific, and demonstrate understanding of the precarious nature of being a person in space.

International Space Station

Canada Space Agency YouTube Page

Chris Hadfield Brushes His Teeth in Space

Day Four

Tired of travelling Google Earth? Looking to escape terrestrial life? 

Use the resources below, and others, to plot the next 5 – 10 years of your life as you move from your home to “out there.” Be precise and articulate to show how rigorous the training is to become “The Right Stuff.”

How to become an astronaut – Canada Space Agency

Careers, jobs and internships in the space sector

What It's Like to Become a NASA Astronaut: 10 Surprising Facts

Human Mission to Mars


Day Five

What is required to make technology work up there? 

Use the resources below, and others, to demonstrate the vigorous testing required to ensure that a machine built “down here” will work “up there.” Then, select one technology, build a model of it and discuss its production and use.


International Space Station news

Mars Exploration Rovers

Invent a water recovery system for a lunar space station