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Welcome to PROJECT neXt

As the Toronto Catholic District School Board moves into 21st Century Learning, understanding our starting point is critical as we attempt to achieve our goals. Project neXt examines many of our current practices and begins to build a framework that promotes the 21st Century Fluencies through a Catholic lens.


Project neXt examines 4 pillars of 21st Century Learning:

Picture1.pngIdentifying the Skills Needed to Succeed - The 4 C's;

Picture1.pngIdentifying the Stakeholders and their Moral Imperatives;

Picture1.pngIdentifying the neXt Lesson;

Picture1.pngIdentifying Our Progress of Adopting 21st Century Practices. (Coming Soon)



How the neXt Desk Challenges the Status Quo




TCDSB's Project NEXT begins to focus our Board on 21st Century Learning Fluencies - Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking. If you are looking for a starting point for education reform in light of 21st Century Learning, use this video to spark some conversation.