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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Collaboration for The neXt Administrator
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  1. ​Are your teachers planning for their curriculum delivery alone?
  2. As a community leader are you approaching teachers for community work such as Curriculum Nights, Musicals and Sporting Events one on one?
  3. Are you familiarizing yourself with the TCDSB Policy of Bring Your Own Device?
  4. Have you posted your newsletter on the TCDSB Portal site?
  1. ​Are you communicating with your entire staff or groups of staff using e-mail?
  2. Are you employing a bulletin board with major events posted for staff to see, either physcially physically or electronically?
  3. Have you begun fostering an environment for your teachers that promotes organizational tools native to their own electronic devices?
  4. Have you encouraged the use TCDSB's Portal to promote school activity and good news with your community?
  1. ​Are you enabling opportunity for staff to plan projects together according to common curricular assignments?
  2. Are you planning meetings around the use of personal electronic devices that enrich research and organization for your staff? 
  3. Are you promoting Professional Development opportunities found on the TCDSB's PAL Network that promote collaboration as a 21st Century Fluency? 
  4. Are you establishing relationships with Resource Teaching staff to assist your staff with collaborative planning and assessments?
  1. ​Is there a virtual or physical area known to the staff specifically designed for collaborative work?
  2. Is there specific time within the school day or several throughout the year that have been allotted for collaborative work between colleagues?
  3. Have you enabled your staff to choose collaborative tools openly, that best fit their teaching styles as well as their learning styles?
  1. ​Has your school established partnerships outside of its walls that promote student success?
  2. Have you explored the use of technology that enables global communication so that your staff may witness best practices globally that may enrich their own?
  3. Are you facilitating Professional Development opportunities for your staff on demand through PLN's developed locally and globally?