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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Creativity for The neXt Administrator
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  1. ​Are your teachers delivering information from the front of the room, lecture style?
  2. Are you delivering bits of professional development through video clips at staff meetings?
  3. Are your teachers using drill and practice methods to achieve learning goals? 
  4. Are your staff meetings executed in a stand and deliver style?
  1. ​Are you providing staff with opportunity and time to create new forms of assessment and evaluation?
  2. Are you suggesting which tools staff should use in the areas of school organization, community organization and communications? Picture1.jpg
  3. As you work with your staff are you personally mentoring teachers' growth?
  4. Are you beginning to explore creative tools native to your staff's personal devices that may redefine how the collective is organized or how they communicate? Picture1.jpg
  1. ​Are you enabling opportunity for staff to work independently to create solutions to problems that may be genuinely different than past practice?
  2. Are you planning meetings to account for input from staff members to improve school performance and/or community relations.
  3. Have you provided opportunities for staff to meet with other staff from different schools to discuss student success and student engagement?
  4. Are you building opportunity for teachers to look at new ways to plan lessons that encourage student creativity? Picture1.jpg
  5. Have you encouraged your staff to look for communications and organization solutions that may exist on their personal electronic devices? Picture1.jpg
  1. Is your staff confident in its collective ability to create solutions to problems that may arise in the classroom, school or community?
  2. Have you developed a bulletin board - physical or virtual - that promotes the sharing of ideas around curriculum delivery, classroom management and community relations? Picture1.jpg
  3. Are your staff meetings run in small groups with a focus on development and management of day to day topics?
  4. Are your teachers beginning to execute lessons that allow students a multitude of ways to submit assignments and demonstrate their levels of understanding?
  1. ​Is your staff looking at student success and engagement in unconventional ways that may focus on tools never used before?
  2. Have you become a mentor or guide for your staff, comfortable enough to direct them to answers that you may not know yourself?
  3. Are your teachers engaging in higher order learning and teaching that can be evidenced with stronger engagement and higher performance?
  4. Does your school have a designated area or time that promotes creative collaboration between staff without interruption? Picture1.jpg