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Computer Studies

Welcome to the TCDSB Computer Studies department. Computer studies is about how computers compute. It is not about learning how to use the computer, and it is much more than computer programming. Computer studies is the study of ways of representing objects and processes. It involves defining problems; analysing problems; designing solutions; and developing, testing, and maintaining programs.

Computer studies refers to the study of computer science, meaning computer and algorithmic processes, including their principles, their hardware and software designs, their applications, and their impact on society. The major focus of these courses is the development of programming skills, which are important for success in future postsecondary studies.

Computer Studies Contacts at TCDSB

Contact Email Address
Abramavicius, Tony (Fr. John Redmond)
Awachie, Raphael (St Michael Choir Sr.)
Bar, Michael (St Patrick Secondary)
Bertolo, Danny (Senator O'Connor)
Calomeni, Luigi (BishopAllenAcademy)
Castillo, Rea (Michael Power/St Joseph)
Chan, Yuk Fu (Mary Ward)
Del Casale, Gabriel (Cardinal Newman)
Durante, Anna (James Cardinal McGuigan)
Kearns, Velia (LorettoCollege)
Kwok, Alan (St Mary's Secondary)
Lambert, Ovanton (Blessed Mother Teresa)
Lofeudo, Frank (James Cardinal McGuigan)
Marozzo, Danny (Brebeuf)
Mizzi, Suzanne (Msgr Percy Johnson)
Morrison, Melissa (Pope John Paul II)
Nicosia, Carmelina (St Basil-The-Great)
Paun, Rozana (Neil McNeil)
Perfetti, Luciano (Don Bosco)
Perry, David (Don Bosco)
Podbielska, Anna (St JosephMorrowPark)
Pogor, Michael (Dante Alighieri)
Prospero, Joseph (BishopAllenAcademy)
Romano, Larry (Marshall McLuhan)
Ryan, Brad (Brebeuf)
Sedran, Robert (Brebeuf)
Ste-Croix, Suzanne (Mary Ward)
Thornhill, Jennifer (Pope John Paul II)