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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Introducing Homework Help!
Helpful Mathematics Homework Links for Parents

Homework Help provides free, real-time help to our students taking Grade 7 to 10 Mathematics.  It allows them to get help after school hours, when teachers or parents are unavailable to help.  It can help students with answering homework questions, reviewing material from previous grades, and studying for tests, exams or the EQAO tests.  But remember – it is “homework help” not “homework do” – the tutors are there to support the students and work through questions to help them be more confident learners and better understand the math.


Homework Help - Math Help for Grades 7 to 10 

New Feature

Homework Help's top priority is supporting you and your students in and out of the classroom. To do that, we're constantly adding new and improved features to the Homework Help resources and chat!

What's New?

Homework Help has been hard at work developing new & refreshed interactive tutorials!
  • Refreshed content in-line with Ontario curriculum, created by Homework Help tutors
  • Resources are mobile friendly, working on devices such as tablets (iPad) and phones
  • Responsive & interactive feedback

Did Someone Say Pi?

March 14th falls on the 14th day of the 3rd month...making it the official Pi Day (3.14)!
What’s even cooler than that this year? ?
Well this year it is March 14, 2015 or 3.14.15.  The first 4 digits of pi are 3.1415!
Did you know Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point? Try some Pi trivia with your students!
Want to share Homework Help with your community? Tell your local paper or radio station about us to celebrate Pi Day!

Important Dates

Spring is around the corner and so is March break!
This is just a reminder that while your students are enjoying their time away from the classroom, Homework Help’s Ask A Tutor chat will be closed from March 15-19, 2015.
As always, our 24/7 resources are still available for all their math needs during this time.

Challenge Your Students with the Riddle of the Month!

With all this talk of pi, it's easy for us to get off track! To help keep your minds sharp, here's a riddle for the month to think about:
"It happens once in a minute, twice in a week, and once in a year. What is it?"
Answer:  The letter “e”
It's always great to hear your thoughts on our monthly riddles! Share your response with us on Facebook & Twitter and don't be shy to challenge a friend!


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